Thursday, April 14, 2011

MAC Pink Lipstick Comparison

I snagged 4 MAC Quite Cute lipsticks and was gonna be all helpful and junk and show lip swatches but by the 4th one, my lips were burning from all that wiping!

So instead


It seems I like pink lipstick. And it's the shade of pink that tends to look like ass with my skintone. But in the tube it's glorious, so I'll just stare at its awesomeness instead I guess :)

I only own 11 MAC lipsticks and 4 were the quite cute ones so it's just a small collection. I don't plan on expanding it much because I don't wear lipstick often. It wears off crazy fast because I'm always rubbing my lips together. Nervous habit, just another annoying fact about me :D

THE ARMY OF PINK! Click everything to bigify

I have from L-R: Viva Glam Gaga I, Saint Germain, Pink Friday, Bubblegum and Victorian

Gaga is more sheer than I'd like it to be, it tends to pool up in creases, looking goofy.
To me Pink Friday is more wearable than Saint Germain because it's a tad darker.
Bubblegum is sheer but it goes on nice and evenly.
I've only worn Victorian once. And feel dumb for neglecting it, it's so hawt! And it's from the Spring Color Forecast collection, so yep, I wore it once all freakin year. I'm a turd, I know.


  1. I have most of these myself, and I am like you....I see a fancy colour, a pretty pink for example and I MUST HAVE IT! I rarely think first about whether or not it might actually look FLATTERING on me, lol. Saint Germain looks like balls on me but I just had to get it (I have the one from Heatherette with the holographic and pink packaging)....staring at it IS fun though! I do so love Victorian though, it is an awesome colour.

  2. Victorian is definitely a winner, but the others look like they'll make my lips too pale and corps-like :D

  3. Been meaning to get St Germain for ages and ages but I know I won't wear it. Do I still want it?! OUI!

  4. I never wear lipstick but those are cute!

  5. Victorian looks very pretty!