Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not makeup related - The Hunger Games

Time for some Mindy rambles.

I'm crazy addicted to the internet so it kind of surprised me that a book series was able to make me forget to even log on for 24 hrs. It surprised me even more that I was able to read all 3 in less than a week along with a book from another series. I can't remember the last time I read 4 books in a week other than the 1st 4 Harry Potters back when I was a teen.

The awesome series I'm talking about is The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. In the bookstore I've seen these sitting on the shelf but I'm one of those jerkfaces that totally judges a book by the cover and I figured it was going to be some book centered around some teenage boy fighting junk, and never bothered to read the back info.

Then back in September Ms Awesome Grey recommended the series and I was curious but still didn't pick it up. In Chapters they have all 3 in a box set and if I was going to get them, I need the box set, because it just wouldn't be complete without the other 2 and it was cheaper. But the price still threw me off. I know it was for 3 hardcovers but I probably grabbed the new cosmo UK instead. The Twilight box set pretty much ruined box-sets for me. Waste of hard earned dinero. I refuse to watch the movies because books are supposed to be BETTER than the movies...


Then FINALLY my friend bought book 1 and read it and was so excited about it and let me borrow it, and I thought, great! If I hate it, I didn't waste a dime and don't have to force myself through the others.

Well, I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH! Seriously! After I finished the Hunger Games I had to grab Catching Fire and Mockingjay asap. I even brought my laptop to work to read on my breaks and it was like I was doped up wanting to get my next fix come breaktime. I got pissed off when I was waiting for my ride after work that day, because it started raining, so that meant no reading till hometime!

This series was done so well, I was really upset when I finished the 3rd. Even more so than I was when Harry Potter ended, because when Harry Potter ended I was able to get over it in probably an hour, it had a good long run. I was able to eat dinner that night because I got over it. I was able to sleep a good 8 hrs because I got over it.

Not with The Hunger Games! I finished the book 2 days ago and I'm finally coming back to reality and trying not to be so down. Everytime I get annoyed with how it wrapped up and how fast it seemed to, I have to remind myself, it's just a book. It's FICTION! YOUNG ADULT FICTION! The main character Katniss has to go through so much and you really do feel for her. When she's starving, thirsty, angry or lost, it's described so well, it's like you're there with her. That's probably also why I got so upset. For those few days I was doing nothing but reading, it felt so real.

I would have liked a bit longer of an ending, like I said it wrapped up crazy fast and at first I hated the epilogue

POSSIBLE SPOILER! But I won't give details! Gotta have a bit of a rant, or it's just not me typing this...

The epilogue, I do not like ones that take place years after the story. It just means definite ending. I didn't like the end of Harry Potter (WHY DO I KEEP GOING BACK TO POTTER!?) I didn't like the end of Six Feet Under.
If there wasn't a future time epilogue, you can still have that bit of hope that another event will happen, another story can be told.

But then when I spent a few hrs skimming through all 3 books again, I know why the author did it. I don't know how I missed it the first time! I must have really blown through to miss key friggin thoughts.

So anywhosies I'm less moody on that aspect. Stories don't always have to be decades long to be satisfying.

But I gotta say, I wasn't 100% satisfied at the end, even coming to terms with the epilogue. The chapter right before that (the last chapter I guess) was what really made me want more. It was done so quick, a lot of time went by, you didn't really get to see the characters build themselves up again, sure you got little tidbits, but I wanted more detail. More key moments. Something to do with "the last gift". (There's me trying to be all secretive without blowing info lol)

One reviewer said the ending was "bittersweet but with more bitter than sweet" and I think he summed that up pretty well! But once again, I gotta stop getting so damn emotional. Real or not real?

Not real, dammit! Get over it, me!

When that movie comes out, it's going to be like opening new wounds.
This (UBER SPOLIER! Don't click unless you've read it all!) entry here explains the ending much better, tries to find reason in it. Still makes me sad. And I've just spent the last hour reading through 2 sites to find more meanings to the story. I'm slow, I need this stuff pointed out to me :D

Yep, I'm kind of a dork.

I'm pretty sure the next 20 books I read now are going to be shit compared to this series. Suzanne has ruined reading for me. I has a sad :(

For sure I will be grabbing the box set of these books now, especially before the "now a motion picture" stamp gets plopped onto it. I prefer originals. The reason why I bought the Twilight box set, I didn't want the movie poster cover, just incase it ended up being a good series. Now with that set I wish I had a chance to borrow the 1st from a friend...


  1. This trilogy was probably one of the best I've read in a really long time, I read the trilogy in a little less than 4 days! I finally spread the love for it, I really didn't want to let it go, but sent it off to be loved and cherished by another bookworm. But if you're interested in what's going to end up being an awesome trilogy if the not yet (grrrr) released 2nd and 3rd books are anything like the first, you NEED to buy Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness, for a debut book (her first fiction)... ohmygeezers!

  2. I'll have to grab that one then! Even better if the other 2 aren't released yet so I can't blow right on through again hahaha

  3. lol, yeah. I've been stalking the website for a release date, so we have until 'sometime in 2012' for the second one, oiy! Another pretty good book, I read on my Kobo app for free, so the kindle or nook might have it free as well, was God's War by Kameron Hurley. Reeeeally hard to explain, not a religious book per se... just, wow. Hated the ending though, lol

  4. My sister loves the trilogy and she's been trying to make me read it too. Problem is she has the books in Finnish and I'd rather read them in English but maybe one day :D

  5. Young Adult fictions have gone a long way, as lots of them aren't about teenagers being all childish and crazy. I have been reading them more than Adult fictions lately, and the Hunger Games are certainly good reads :)

  6. I just started reading Hunger Games today, I found a pdf online, hehe. It's good so far, though I'm not all too sure I like Katniss. For some reason, I like Peeta more o.O

  7. @Shelby Another ending hater!?! I don't know if I can put myself through that again hahahah

    @Duvessa Now you have 2 people telling yo to read them so you HAVE to :)

    @Halifax I hope the good authors keep on going! I was looking at kindle books on amazon and that was a mistake though, most of them looked like they were made up by preteens and the spelling made my brain hurt. From now on, it must come in book form first!

    @Melly That's how I was able to read the other 2.... shhhh :D I didn't really like Katniss at first (so tomboyish it seemed!) but she grew on me. I <3 Peeta