Saturday, April 16, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Lipsticks

Aren't they friggin adorable? Or... cute? ha.ha.ha. clever me.

After seeing Temptalia's swatches of MAC's Quite Cute collection I decided I wanted all the lipsticks and 2 of the blushes. But since I was trying to pay off the card of all that is evil and this was supposed to be my only online purchase this month I decided not to get a 2nd blush or Playing Koi. I already knew the 2 lighter colours could look goofy on me and that Playing Koi would look the worst of the worst. My mister hates nude lips. He says it looks like "whore mouth" and while I usually don't give a shit on his opinion on what I wear, I have to admit, I kind of agree on whore mouth. But not the pretty, natural nude lips that Nea is often on the lookout for (although she made PK work by layering a gloss on top and lining like a pro), but the almost white, foundation looking, in your face whore mouths. Brown liner usually tops the look just perfectly... With my darker medium complexion, whore mouth is the result I would have gotten. So adieu Playing Koi, I'll try not to miss you too hard.

Seeing as Saint Germain is the only lippie available right now I guess this is more of a colour reference for blog sales, swaps, etc.

Here are Play Time, Quite Cute, Candy Yum Yum (outside shot more true to colour, it's BRIGHT!) and Saint Germain

Sorry for the craptastic application, I didn't use a brush so it looks sloppy :(

Candy Yum Yum is a stainer. I swatched it on my hand in the store after I placed my order online and the pink mark stuck around for a few days. And I wash my hands more than any sane person usually does so I knew it would stain my lips as well.

And I saw some people question if Quite Cute was close to Fashion Mews.


Not at all other than it's purple.

And just for the hell of it, here's Play Time taken next to Courting Lilac. No swatchy here, I just liked that my camera is so sweet on closeups :D

And because Candy Yum Yum was feeling left out, here it is next to Heartless. You can even see on CYY where I accidently touched the side of it. (If you blow it up huge, just barely, IT'S THERE I SWEAR! :D )

And after the Pinks, there you have my whole MAC lipstick collection.

And in case you missed the Pink Comparison click here

And for spending over $90 I got free shipping and KYOOT PINS!

And here's Giggly, but no swatch yet. Just know I LOVE IT! I've worn it 4 times in a row already. I never wear the same damn blush 4 days in a row. This picture kind of sucks but now it looks all used, so it's either slightly blurry shot, or used powdery shot and I chose clean and blurrytastic.

Does this font annoy anyone? I wanted a change and it was the least annoying of the fancier fonts but I don't know if I like it, or if it hurts people's eyes reading it.
Let me know, KTHXBAI!


  1. I checked these out, and I think I can do without them. They're cute on you, though!

    I actually tried on Candy Yum Yum and it looked really... hooker-ish on me. I can pull off most colors (I'm lucky like that) but it was BAD.

    Also... "Whore mouth" sounds like an awful condition, doesn't it? XD

  2. I hear you on "whore mouth". Even though I'm quite pale, Creme d'Nude gave me serious hooker style. It looked so lovely on others... *long-suffering sigh*

  3. I can't do Nude because it washes me out. Makes me look like a starving/thirstin' child.

    These all look gorgeous on you though!

    I can't see the font unfortunately so I can't comment. :(

  4. Look at you go! Play Time looks awesome! Great swatches!

  5. I really love Play Time, but not a fan of Quite Cute...I think it will be a little to opale on me?

  6. I didnt even notice the font change till you said something >.<. gah i feel horrible now lol



    ;___; It's beautiful.

  8. I'm jealous that you got Candy Yum Yum BUT I did manage to get my hands on Quite Cute and I LOVE IT. I know a lot of people think it looks weird, but I think it's perfect since it's kind of sheer. I'm not a huge MAC person, but their lipsticks are boss.

  9. Font is cuuute :D Can't wait for CYY :)

  10. I NEED CANDY YUM YUM! But its damn sold out every where....EVERY WHERE D:

  11. Nice swatches and comparisons! I wonder how Quite Cute compares to Lavender Whip?

  12. Thanks ladies!! My lips were gonna fall off but it was worth it for this post :D

    @Vulcan_Butterfly I wish I knew! I've been wanting Lavender Whip for awhile now also! MAC needs to repromote that bad boy