Friday, May 27, 2011

Dirtay Sugarpill

After 5 days of my makeup fast I felt the need to go VIVID! My eye has unzombified so I took a risk and will be soaking my brushes asap. I figure if ruin my Sugarpill palletes, OH DARN I GOTTA GO SHOPPING AGAIN!

Awww shucks, what a shame. (Secretly makes list of chromalusts)

Keeping with my dirty shadow combo (green and yellow done already) I realized why I love using Buttercupcake blended with a darker shade! It kind of resembles a healing bruise. Now that may not sound appealing to some, but I think it's damn awesome.

From far away this look is pretty sweet but my blending close up kind of sucked. I hopped in the shower early because I had a plan in mind so I get out, do aftershower junk and sit down to do my makeup. My phone tells me I have enough time.

*oh no it's story time again*

I sit in the livingroom and do my makeup with a morning news show on, but I use it as my time keeper because they have a live clock. So after I put on Dollipop and Poison Plum and Willow, I'm trying to blend Buttercupcake, struggling because Willow didn't want to behave and I check my time. It was going goodish still but I still had to do liner, browbone, lower liner x2 and mascara. And get dressed!

So because I feel time is dwindling I peek at the tv and it tells me I have TEN MORE DAMN MINUTES! I was only half done! What the crap! I was tempted to skip liner but using a pink shadow, NOT GOOD TO SKIP LINER! So I found a liner, used a brush, curled lashes and plopped on mascara and had 3 minutes left. I still had to change clothes, and get my stuff together.

I do not like being behind, especially if I have to take the bus. If I miss that sucker, I have to wait and get to work 15 minutes late. No time to read my raunchy vampire books :D

So I run my ass off, make sure I have my iphone, headphones, Kindle, lunch bag, bus tickets, swipe card, house keys and a diet pepsi (the essentials!) and the TV clock says I'm 2 minutes behind of schedule. THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! So I'm running down the hall and I'm kind of obsessed with time so out of habit I light my phone up at the elevators and it's telling me it's 7:12, not 7:22.

Ummmm huh? Thinking my phone was slow, but not wanting to wait at the stop longer than I have to I run back to the apartment and once again, that TV says it's 10 minutes later than my phone.

Now I don't know what to trust! LAPTOP! You good ol friend, I log it on, and my phone was right. All this time and I actually still had 10 minutes to go.

Thanks Breakfast Television. You really screwed with my day and made me bore people by taking it out on cyberspace. Geeze. I'm blaming my blending fail on the time screw up, but I probably would have effed it up had I had 6 hrs. I'm cool like that.


I used:
Inner lid: Sugarpill Dollipop
Outer 3rd: Poison Plum
Inner corner and browbone: Tako
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow
Upper crease and lower lashline: Buttercupcake
Liner: UD Zero
Lower Liner: MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner Black Line
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara Blackest Black

Cheeks, Fyrinnae Mesmerise with Meow Cosmetics "Past" glow powder on top.

Mac Superglass in Totally Bang!


Lovely, the powder/flash combo makes my hairline look ridiculously dark.



  1. I love the healing bruise look too!! I adore sick looking makeup!!

  2. Healing bruise sounds gross, but DAYUM it looks good.

  3. Pfft what blending fail? Healing bruise sounds so gross, it just makes me imagine shit festering under the surface XD

    Ew I'm pretty sure someone needs to be shot for screwing up the breakfast TV clock, I always sync my clocks and phone with it! NEEDZ TO BE RELIABLE YO.

  4. @Christina :D Happy to see I'm not the only one! <3 it!

    @thecandiedmango lol thanks! It does sound icky but I can't stop wanting to do more of them!

    @SilhouetteScreams dude now I'm gonna be thinking of festering nasties hahahah
    I hope TV time dude got bitchslapped. Don't fuck with countdown yo!

  5. Ahhh this is lovely! Your eyes look just beautiful with those colours :)

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one to make the last-minute-mad-dash-to-the-bus-stop! Btw, the healing bruise look is awesome!

  7. @Lillian Thank you!! :)

    @obnoxious37 every morning I dread that rush lol! Thank you :D

  8. I NEED some of these eye shadows!

  9. Hee hee love your face in the last picture! I think the healing bruise concept is awesome, it always looks so neat! You have such smooth blending, I really do not know how you do it! I used to take the bus as well as I had no car for 4 years (thanks expensive university taking allllllll of my money) and damn when you're late for the thing, you're f**cked.

  10. @Amendrea You do!! <3 me sugarpill :)

    @sepia_raven Thank you!

    @Phyrra Thanks lady :)

    @Vulcan_Butterfly my blending is mostly heavy duty windsheild wiper action :D The bus is the bane of my existence. That reminds me, I forgot to buy a buspass. Crap.