Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Possibly. And not the sweet kinda pink eye that comes to mind when you look at a makeup blog. I'm talking the ugly ass 28 Weeks Later looking zombie eye crap.

Sunday I did nothing, if you recall in my ABC's post. I decided reading vampires and witches was more productive to my brain so I hid out at home, skipped makeup and did nothing. Then I wake up Monday and my DAMN EYE IS RED! I'm not even gonna post a picture or you'll throw up and never come back.

So being from Alberta originally, I moved here to Manitoba 3 years ago but haven't had a chance to get my Manitoba Health Care Card. In Canadaland you need your health card or you have to pay. I was expecting around $40 because in Calgary I paid $37.50 for my visit when I had a lovely asthma attack.

Not in Manitoba baybee! They wanted $50. Uhhh we make like half of what Albertan's make and they want to charge us more to see a doctor? Plus my boss wanted a doctors note so I get paid for yesterday. It was a holiday. If you are sick before or after a long weekend they don't have to pay you. If my eye got messed up next week I could have just called in sick. But nooooooo I need that bastard $20 sick note.

So I'm wearing my big dark sunglasses, pissed off the clinic wants $70 total CASH because I don't have my Health card and need that note, so my luverly mister took us to get our Health cards. See he's bad too! He didn't get his either. So 1.5hrs later we get our cards and then I have to hit up a clinic again.

It was packed but I managed to get in in like 10 minutes. Maybe they thought I was going to spread it around hahaha. Doc gave me prescription for steroid eye drops and I get my Dr's note and it was only $5! FIVE BUCKS YO! Why that other place wanted $20 I have no freakin clue.

Got my prescription and the pharmacist says they could actually make my eye WORSE! The steroids could just mask the problem and I'm to stop taking them if my eye gets worse. I have to see the Doc again Friday.

So long story short, I'm not wearing any makeup this week. I has a sad. And a zombie eye.

Now go look at some actually pretty pink eye stuff over here.

Maybe I can rock a pirate patch...


  1. That's no fun. It's the worst when you have to go through a lot of annoying crap while you're not feeling well. I hope it clears up soon!

  2. Aw, I'm sorry about all that. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. yikes! sorry to hear you got pinkeye. i had that a couple of months ago and it was not fun... on the bright side, at least you got your health card stuff sorted out.

    hope you feel better soon!

    also, love your blog. :)

  4. Haha aww D: Lol, well I guess if you really had the itch for a makeup look, you could do a zombie one? XD Joking aside, feel better soon!

  5. hahaha ! Clicked on the pink eye stuff thinking it was a link to some gory pictures of infected eyes lol !
    Maybe you can still do looks with the other eye... just an idea !
    Take care of yourself x

  6. :( Aghh I'm so sorry! Poor you, I hope it clears up soon!

  7. Thanks ladies for your eyeball well wishes :) It's getting better! No more nastyness! But sadly, no more dreams of pirate patch :( Or is it the end.... bom bom bommmmm

    @Kim I was very tempted to do a nasty monster look but I suck ass at improvising lol

    @Lorraine lmao!!! I wonder who else was expecting gore. One day I'll do a post and all my linkage will be compeletely wrong and gross hahahah

  8. Ah yes, the good old doctor RXing steroids for pinkeye = NO! Steroids make infections worse but get rid of redness so it will be like, YAY my eye isn't red but it's full of bacteria! LAME! Oh crap soon I'm moving to Alberta from Communist Saskatchewan and that means I have to actually pay for some stuff lol. Also, thanks for the link, and thanks for telling me about draft blogger, wow, stuff actually works on it! I must say, I'd love to see you rocking a pirate patch!

  9. I used the drops just 3 times because I was to askurred lol
    I am crazy jealous you get to move to Albertaland! We plan on moving back sometime this year or next. I miss hills and mountains and dry summers. This humidity is evil on my asthmatic lungs.
    This would totally be the patch that needs rocking http://etsy.me/meSHdH