Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey, so I saw Britney Spears

In concert! I'm hardcurr like that. I don't really have a musical preference, or something I tend to lean towards. My favourite band is Mindless Self Indulgence and I don't even know what the hell to classify them by. So why did I decide to go see Britney Spears?

Oh I dunno, cuz I freakin loved her when I was 14! Now I can say, yep I saw her live and got to scream like a little teeny bopper (so hard not to when everyone else is doing it, ADMIT IT YOU totally would have too :)

This was on Monday, after work so I only had 30 minutes to slap my face on so the blending is choppy and then I forgot to turn my bedroom light on for pics, so the colours look a bit washed out. If you have any Sugarpill cosmetics, you know those badboys are not dull, so it's all my camera's fault for making them not look BAM IN YO FACE, cuz it was. I swears it.

I used:

All Sugarpill Cosmetics:

Lid: Tako
Crease: Dollipop
Outer crease: Poison Plum
Lower lashline: Poison Plum/Afterparty
Browbone: Tako
Liner: Physicians Formula glam brown eyes trio gel stack thingy
Iridescent glitter.

Blush: Dollipop
Highlight: Aromaleigh Starbright Powder

Lips: MAC Pink Friday (I HAD to, Nicki Minaj was the opener, 'twas only appropriate)

Hahahaah that lipstick does not go with my faded as crap hair colour.

I sat in the nosebleeds and cameras aren't allowed in the stadium so this is the only cell phone Hipstamatic pic that turned out not horrible. You can see her in the TV!!

I was sad we didn't get to hear the whole Hit Me Baby One More Time, just a quickie version. The news article from the show is here. She pulled a guy from the audience, handcuffed him to a chair, and 2 girls and a guy damn near lapdanced him, then Britney tossed a pink feather boa on him and hopped on his shoulders. It was pretty awesome :)


  1. I know the teenybopper feeling you are describing! I saw NKOTBSB almost two weeks ago and it was amazing!

  2. Your eyes look gorgeous! I'm totally into Brit too so no worries! And I awarded you on my blog woot! Check it out!

    Meghan aka Pinupcherrymakeup

  3. GLITTER <3 Not even gonna lie, if she came here and tickets weren't a billion dollars I'd go see her in a heartbeat!

  4. Beautiful! I love the glitter, especially right under the eye and the lipstick is so pretty and bright! I'm not the biggest Britney fan (though some of her songs are great and her shows look like so much fun!) but I love me some bubblegum pop :) And I'm like you, I don't really have a musical preference, I likes what I likes and thats it.

  5. Awesome look! MSI is an old favourite of mine, I actually have a makeup post coming up eventually when I get to it that's based on a very bright MSI shirt!

  6. So jealous that you got to go! And I love, love, LOVE that look! I'd passed up Pink Friday, but I might need to track it down. And the Starbright powder - I didn't even know it ever existed. How did I miss that?! It's sooooo pretty.