Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tarte For True Blood Collection ~ Pic Heavy

I believe I was drooling after this collection after seeing Temptalia post promo images and even though the colours looked kinda blah, the packaging suckered me in.

Yep, I'm one of those people. Pretty packaging means YES PLEASE!
It could also do with my recent vamp/immortal obsession

Either way I wanted it, and I wanted it all.

My Sephora didn't have anything in the store yet so I had to buy it all online. I don't really like shopping at Sephora because the prices are jacked up when you click your cart to Canadian $$$ but it was the only place I could get these pretties from.

The prices go from:

$52 palette
$30 cheek stain
$24 lip tint
Total: $106

$68 palette
$39 cheek stain
$31 lip tint
New total: $138

The only benefit, is it arrived in a duty free box, but even if they taxed me etc, it's still mucho more than it should be with the current currency conversion. I would prefer they use paypal checkout and let them do the exchange, but then the stores would be off, chaos would erupt, buildings would explode, cats would start bowling with dog's heads etc., bad times all around.

Now where was I?

Ah yes, my swatchfest

I did them in 2 groups, light and dark and the pics where you see text, blow them up to read the shades better. Actually you can blow them all up if ya want, I didn't shrink anything, I don't think anyways.


Annoying plastic film again, once again, would have prefered it on the back of palette or something. I paid a damn fortune damn dammity damn damn.

The drawer has a primer, mascara and an eyeliner.

An insert was included with the names of the products on the back and 4 eyecharts on the inside. SO CUTE!

Colour descriptions from Sephora:
The Light (shimmering warm ivory), Fairy (shimmering pink), Dusk (matte warm taupe), Dawn (shimmering gold dust), Werewolf (matte chocolate), Waitress (sparkling pink champagne), Nocturnal (sparkling deep indigo), Charmer (sparkling burnt copper), Glamour Me (sparkling deep plum), Stake (matte steel), Bayou (shimmering golden tan), Telepath (sparkling warm rose), The True Death (sparkling silver), Immortal (sparkling midnight black), Moss (shimmering forest green), Legend (deep matte black), "V" (sparkling crimson).






My bitch-take on the shades provided, I do wish they skipped one of the blacks, probably the sparkly Immortal because it's just Legend, but with sparkle. Silver sparkle at that. And I hate silver sparkle. Just looks like white specs. BOR-ING.

Maybe a sweet metallic gold in the same wicked finish as The True Death (silver) or a blood red shade. Sure "V" rocks, but a deeper bloodier red would have been pretty schweeeet.
Just sayin

I haven't used the primer or mascara but I did try out the eyeliner. I liked it for about 5 seconds, then realized it was way too soft and then as soon as that happened of course a damn chunk crumbled off and landed somewhere. I'm going to have a black spot squished in my couch or carpet soon. I knowz it.

Up next, the Cheek tint!

I've never used a blush that wasn't powder so this was a new to me type of thang.


heheheee it looks like I cut myself but the red came off the rim of the tube

I really like the colour and the gold sparkles but I have yet to try to wear it on my face. Once I figure that out I think it'll look pretty! Gold sparkles are pretty much awesome all the time.

And for my least fav of the bunch, the Lip Surgence pencil.

I don't like the mint smell, wasn't a fan of the colour either. I expected it to be more blood red. Or at least something similar to Clinique's Black Honey. Sheer but awesome, but I didn't find the shade awesome.


Anyways am I glad I bought this collection? HELLZ YEAH SON!

If I knew the lip pencil was going to suck, I wouldn't have gotten it though. I don't even mind the eyeliner breaking on me because I completely forgot the palette came with those extras so it was a pleasant surprise.

Affordable? Fuck no, not really, but that's why some dude invented a credit card. I really hate that dude some days. Interest blows.

Although 16 shades for $68 is $4.25 a colour (I totally count Legend and Immortal as 1 colour, cuz that's how I roll) is a good deal.

Meh, tis up to you I guess. I'd buy it again. IT'S AWESOME.


  1. Yeah, I'm a sucker for packaging too. Good thing these look awesome. Guess I'll be picking them up when I get the new job. I like what you did with the star there.

  2. The palette looks awesome! And so does its packaging! LOVE the cheek tint!

  3. Oh, the packaging...I'm in love with it.

  4. What a great review! I love the packaging too.... wow.

    I have to say though, I thin that lip pencil colour looks wonderful on you! Not a nice vampy red, but nice nonetheless :)

  5. Question- that blush. On someone who's neon-white (like me, for instance XD ) would that blend out okay or would you just end up looking like you got shot in the face with a paint gun? It's so pretty, but I don't want it if I'll look like a Geisha hooker or something.

    The palette looks really nice. Maybe I'll have some cash coming in soon and can pick it up before it's gone.

  6. @Frances :D STARS FTW! I can say I was inspired by my tattoo lol

    @internationallyspicy Thank you! :)

    @dull_flame It's hard to say just because of the glitter, you could try sheering it out but you might loose all the glitter too or end up with wonky glitter spots. If you have a store nearby definitely swatch it first. It would have been nice if they used gold shimmer instead of glitter because it is kind of a pain in the ass lol

  7. I want to buy this stuff just so I can set the lovely packages on my dresser and stare at them all day! However, I wish that the colours were a bit more in tune with the packaging. I especially think that the lip pencil and the cheek tint should have been BLOOD RED!!! If they were, I would get them right now! Also, BOOOO to stupid Sephora online for jacking up the prices! BOO!

  8. I must say I'm not that keen on the palette, it looks nice but just not that exciting. The blush gel thing looks really lovely though, soo juicy looking. And also GLITTAH!

  9. So I wasn't really dying over anything from this collection, but in the last couple of days I've convinced myself that I need the cream blush D:

  10. Thanks for the swatches! I love the cheek stain, like the lip stain, looooooove the shadows (although totes agree with you about the extra black, and how awesome a good bloody red would have been). The eyeliner I'm kind of meh about - it broke off on me, too, and it's so damn watery. I tried it on my waterlines, and it just seeped onto my eyeballs, and grey corneas are not a look I like to rock. But whatever, it's okay off the waterlines. But that damn eyeshadow base? I've only used it once, but it is utter shit. But I looove the mascara, too. So. Overall, I'm psyched as hell. And even more so now that you've swatched everything and I can see the pretties and start pairing them. Yay!