Friday, July 22, 2011


When Canada Post did it's whole lockout shit, my packages got uber delayed. It seems they are getting caught up because I got 8 FLIPPING PACKAGES THIS WEEK!

It's like Christmas in July.

And look at my PRESENTS!! (click to hugeify it)

This pile of goodies includes:

Tarte for True Blood Collection

Sleek Makeup Caribbean collection, Oh So Special palette, Monaco Blush and Lip Polish, Rose Gold Blush

Whimsy Beading order

Lolmart shirt

Sugarpill Chromalusts, Bulletproof solid eyeshadow

The Morbid the Merrier perfumes, lip balms

I forgot to include the 3 makeup brushes I bought from MakeupGeek.

But this is 1.5 months of loot. Seeing it in one place makes me feel kind of ill, but then I feel better again by telling myself I don't shop anywhere else BUT online, so I don't feel so bad anymore hahahah

Suuuuure, whatever you have to tell yourself....

I've swatched the Caribbean palette and the Chromalusts so far but my brush is drying so I can do the other 2 palettes probably tomorrow. I'll probably post the Sugarpill next because it'll be quick and easy and I GOTS TA READ MAH BOOK! :)

Happy Weekend!!


  1. *steals your Tarte stuff and Geek Chic shadows* SO MUCH PRETTY

  2. That is the best shirt I have seen in my whole life!

  3. LOVE the shirt. Bulletproof is amazing, I need more Chromalusts in my life...

  4. I could totally do with all this!

  5. DOOOOOOOD! *drools* New stuff is fun!

  6. OMG!!! SOO much stuff!! I want that shirt too!!

  7. :D I do wish the shirt came in black, the pink is kinda see-thru but tis okay cuz it's KYOOT! :)

  8. Major haulage there! Awesome! That is definitely like Xmas in July!

  9. The exact same thing happened with my packages!! I'm glad you got them!

  10. OMG SWEEEEEEEET HAUL!!! I want to come and steal it all, especially the shirt! David Bowie + his best song ever + cat + shirt = SWEEEET! Good lord, they are SO behind with the mail still! I have so much crap coming, and I've been trying to send people birthday cards and stuff and it takes like ten years to get there! LAME!