Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleek Makeup

Awhile ago Sleek had a huge sale fail and I was one of those people who spent 2 hrs trying to place an order and then gave up. They offered some dealio for a half off coupon, to try to make it up to some people, but you had to have been logged into your account. The site froze up so many times I wasn't able to log in and therefore never saw a discount code. And for that I had a mini boycott and said Sleek could suck it.

Then they came out with the Avoir la Peche collection. But I'm all NO YOU DON'T, YOU CAN'T GET ME! So I missed out on it.

Then they had to be bastard people and dream up this Caribbean collection... there was a yellow in it.. and a red.. that pretty much made my mind up right there. I needed it. And oh look, a matching lip thing! And I have to have the blush if I'm already getting the other too *shopping addict denial kick in nnnnnooowwww*

So I made sure to be logged in this time and placed an order for the whole Caribbean collection, the Oh So Special palette, Santorini and Rose Gold blushes and the Monte Carlo Pout Polish from the Mediterranean collection. I got a free mini lip shine.

Of all my packages, this one that came all the way from Great Britian, took only TEN FREAKIN BUSINESS DAYS! When I picked the box up from the post office I thought for sure it was something else, and that this order would arrive in a few weeks still but NOPE! That's ninja fast.

And it was also packed very well. The palettes and blushes were in a little white box within the main mailer box surrounded by bubble wrap for added protection. I was quite impressed by the care, and the speedymagooedness of delivery.

Shipping seemed a bit high @ $13.50 but they used one of those printed post labels so I have no idea what it actually cost them to send. It was sent to another continent so I wouldn't be surprised if it did cost this much to send. Being that it was $13.50 I had to make it "worth it" and that's also part of the reason I bought so much. The Acid palette was looking me in the face but sadly U NO CAN HAZ!

It says: Please note : Due to FDA regulations this palette cannot be sold in the US. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

I R not in America-land so I was hoping to be exempt, but the add to cart button never showed up when I logged in again.
I'll use my mad sleuthing skillz on ebay.

If Sleek comes out with another kick ass collection, I'll probably get it. I have forgiven them for that shitsalefailofhorrible.

Swatches later!

Not sure what the point of this post was now that I think of it. I guess I just wanted to ramble. Ramble and share my amazment of the 10 day package!



  1. Hehehe...sucker! But seriously though, they have some good products (not that I have any of my, sadly...) and I think the whole sale fiasco was to be expected. I'm glad you're one person who isn't still sulking in a corner and you went and ordered this all! Good on you, at least you have amazing pretties in your collection now that others are surely missing out on.
    P.S. SWATCH, HURRY UP, SWATCH! Please (:

  2. I'm envious!! I want the Oh So Special Palette but was told a couple weeks ago that it's not out in stores yet??

  3. I have both palettes and the 3 blushes and I friggin love them! Great haul by the way lol

  4. I can send you the Acid palette if you want :)

  5. I wish so badly Sleek was sold in the US. Boo on other countries dangling makeup in front of me that I can't have! :-(

  6. @Suki lol DONE! :)

    @Marcey, I'm not sure of the stores but it's up and ready online, they seemed to have jacked the price a bit though :(

    @Morgain Thanks!! That rose gold blush is going to be my new favourite, the gold!! OH THE GOLD!!! hahaha

    @Robyn, I'm totally gonna facebook you for that. U R so much awesome

    @Mandy I KNOW HEY!! If it was crappy quality I wouldn't feel so bad, but nope, it's good stuff, that's hard to get, kinda. (Anything having to do with paying for shipping I consider hard to get lol)

  7. WTF? You can't get the Acid Palette? Thats crazy! But great Sleek haul!

  8. I tried to boycott Models Own for a similar reason to you and, like you just gave up when I realised they had stuff I really wanted :P
    I'm jealous of your awesome Sleek haul, I want both of those blushers and have neither. I can pick up an Acid palette for you if you wanted :)

  9. SWATCHES! SWATCHES!!! You must do some swatches. Am I a terrible person for giggling a little bit at the Oh So "Special" palette? I use the word "special" in a "special" kind of way! Yes, I am a terrible person. You could try getting an Acid palette off of ebay, I got one from there for a very reasonable price!

  10. *grabby hands* I want it allllllllll. And yeah, I totally caved and have forgiven them for the sale fail. Unless they do something horrific like GSC, the pretties will always win out XD