Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spikeh and Shineh!

So my read-a-thon continues. Hence the lack of updates still. 53 books down in 3 months. If I spent all this time reading educational stuff I think I would probably a ninja robot unicorn computer by now.

This time tharrr be ALEINS! I'm reading the Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter. I finished the 1st 2 and there are 2 Y/A books written in the series in the middle of the adult books, so I'm on book 1 of that, very short, started it today and I'm at 57%.

So that's what's up!

Makeup time!
I ordered a crapload of Hi Fi Cosmetics including the uber sweet Labyrinth Collection.

Slime and Snails = LOVEEEEEEE. Hell, checking out the description just now, it must be true, because it SAYS SO!: "SLIME & SNAILS is a mesmerizing bluish green with lots and lots of aqua glitter!!! LOVE. <3"

Either I'm psychic, or ya just gotta take our words for it.

I used the lashes KKCenterHK sent me right heeeeere (#10 on my pic)

I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on lid
Lid: Slime and Snails (Labyrinth Collection)
Burberry Trench all over the rest to make sure no FPE was still working it's foiling action.
Crease: HI FI Vae Victis (Art Saves collection)
More crease lovin': Sugarpill Buttercupcake (Awesome collection. Not actually called the awesome collection, but should be.)
Browbone: Meow's Hallucination (Supernaturals collection)
Lower lashline: Sugarpill Poison Plum with Buttercupcake rubbed over top
ES A500 Lashes from KKCenterHK
M93-B individual lashes on the lower outside corners. I ended up pulling them off after because my glue sucked and stayed tacky and tried to keep gluing the upper ones to the lower ones.
These are really cool and you get 24 of them in a pack so if you re-use them they'll last FOOOO EVAAAAA :)

Whoooopsy glue no dry.

So you can see how much Slime and Snails pretty much rocks my Spongebob socks, but I did find a downside. The blue glitter! I love glitter and the FPE did a good job of keeping most of it on my eyelid and it looked cool but the couple of flyaway ones that got into my eye, I felt those SOB's. I thought it was the lashes, but once I got the glitter out, the annoyance went away.

What are you cool dudes reading?
Would you get the nifty individual lashes?
Are you ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse?


  1. love the lashes!

  2. OMG ... i love that lidcolor ... i love the whole combo of colors u used ! Awesome and the lashes are wicked !

  3. I ordered a bunch from KKCentre, can't wait for them to arrive. The bottom lashes look awesome. What glue do you use? You should use Duo, it's the best :)


  5. Thanks Cin!

    Thank you Luna!

    @lycanthropica The glue I used was this cruddy stuff that came with halloween lashes last year "Lashgrip" I believe is the name. Crappy schtufff inddeeeedd. I think I had a tube of Duo but it's lost in makeup limbo :(

    @Robyn lmao, IT'S AWERSERMEEE!

  6. Ahhh I love Hi Fi, I really need to get more Hi Fi, Slime and Snails is just stunning isn't it? Beautiful look, the lashes are wonderful :D

  7. Slime & Snails looks great on you!

  8. Oooh, Slime and Snails seems like a popular colour, and I can see why! It's AWESOME!!! If I had that colour, I would be ready for the zombie apocalypse!!!!!!!!

  9. I love this look, and especially the lower individual lashes, even if they didn't behave. Slime and Snails is loooooovely. I don't think I've used it yet - wtf is wrong with me?

  10. @Lillian, YES you must. I order thee to shop :)

    Thanks Marcey!! :)

    @Vulcan_Butterfly I can totally see you slaying zombies with the awesome shoes you have hahaha. Just don't get brains on them. That would be against the law.

    @Kathy Thank you!! :) And yah what the crap is wrong?! Now go forth and fix this by using it and then go stare at the mirror and check out how puuuuurdy it is :D

  11. Hnggggg I need Slime & Snails and I need to check out that book series too!