Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sleek Oh So Special

**re-edit** Sleek is on my suckass list right now. Looook here

I'm back! HOLY FRIG! 4 posts in less than 24 hrs. Can you tell I got bored in the middle of my book?


I have for you the Sleek Oh So Special palette. Or "O So Spechul" palette as I am renaming it to my liking. The Curacao palette is gonna be called, "My Brightass Palette".

Here's teh goodz

The cover was just plain black, I'm thinking this may be a permanent palette, I couldn't see "limited edition" or anything on the box.

While I do love that each shade has a name, I don't like that it's just on a flimsy plastic film, I would have liked it on a sticker on the back of the case or something. I'm probably going to destroy the film accidentally.

Whatever, twas only $10.50 (although at the moment they seemed to have upped the price to $12.60...), can't complain too much, the colours friggin rock!


And the box if anyone cared

The palette has mattes and shimmers and they are so pretty! Even though they aren't bright shadows, I still love them and am happy I decided to get this palette. They are very pigmented, even the mattes. Actually I think the mattes were more pigmented than the shimmers even.

Anywhosies, it's a sweet deal, so go buy some and tell me how awesome I am for enabling you :)