Saturday, October 6, 2012

EOTD ~ There's a Skelecat in my Jack-o-lantern

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but it will be just another Sunday with the following Monday off because my family lives on the other side of the country.  And I can't cook a turkey.  And I really, really want some turkey.

So instead I'm skipping Thanksgiving and moving on to the next holiday, Halloween!

I'm wearing my glow in the dark haunted house shirt I bought from Shirt.Woot. when it was available.  The little ghosties glow!  I wish I had ghosts to clean my house.

Halloween makeup time! I pulled out my Meow Halloween Zombies collection to make this look today.

I used:
UDPP Greed
Fyrinnae PE just on lid

Inner lid: Skelecat
Lid main: Jack-o-lantern
Crease/lower lashline: Banshee
Blended above crease/lower lashline: Witch's Brew
Browbone/Inner lashline: Full Moon
Liner: UD 24/7 Liquid liner Perversion

All my shots have wonky lighting incase you were wondering about the colour difference.  I'm far too lazy to fiddle around with photoshop to get them to look more real life :D


Both eyes.  Kinda.  uuuuurve Skelecat!

OFF TO WALMART!  For chips and salsa.  Because it's kinda like turkey yes?



Also there was a super big fire here.  A racing fuel plant caught on fire.  Thankfully nobody was hurt.  I just feel like sharing my pictures!  ALRIGHT!?  Okay :)

It burned for hours.  The fire department had to work to keep in contained and let it burn out on its own.

This video here is my friend's ex just walking along like there isn't a towering inferno behind him until it goes all RAWWWWRRRRI'MABIGASSFIREBALLRAAAWWWRRRRR and he runs away.


  1. Please come do this on my eyes.

    1. I'LL DO MORE THAN THAT TO YOUR EYES gigglesnort :D

  2. I love it. I can send you some turkey in the mail. Hey, works for body parts.


  3. HOLY SHIT! That is one major fire, scary! Great look, happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It was insane!! It burned for like 5 hrs. And happy turkey day to you too!

  4. Ahhhh this is INSANELY prettah! You are too talented, my dear. STOP HOARDING ALL THAT TALENT! lol ;D Sorry you didn't get Turkey for your Thanksgiving :(

  5. P.S. That shirt is absolutely adorable!