Saturday, October 6, 2012

OPI Bond... James Bond Magnetized nail polish swatch

BEFORE YOU LAUGH TIL YOUR EYES WATER:  I've never played with magnet nail polish, so I don't really know the trick to it.


How do they work?

Anyways, I was at the hair place waiting for the dudeman to get his hair cut and I saw they had the new OPI 007 Skyfall nail polish collection.

I most wanted Man With the Golden Gun (GOLD FLAKES!) but dudeman convinced me Goldeneye was prettier AND cheaper and then I saw the magnetized shades.  I ended up grabbing Goldeneye, Is That Silva? and this one, Bond... James Bond.  The magnetized ones were about $18 each and came with a magnet.  How many times can I say magnet in a post.

Holy crap is it ever hard to find a swatch of it.  And the magnet didn't seem to want to make nice even diamonds like the picture.  So this sad lil post will have to do until I figure out how to magnet right...

 (That one is my other hand using the magnet that came with the Is That Silva? polish)

If you wear just the polish itself, it's kind of boring.  The magnet pulls the silver from the gold and darkens it to a super pretty gold.  I may have to hunt down different magnets just to pull the silver away better.



  1. Don't worry love! I haven't even ATTEMPTED magnetic polish. I think this is a pretty pretty color! And for the record, I've never seen magnetic polish IRL that looked like the pictures portray it to be. ;)

  2. Hey, i had the same problem! i couldnt' get my pinky to have ANY design! the thumbs are hard. it ain't easy but it sure is pretty when it works! i had more success with is that silva but i really do love the gold colour - it's so deep and rich! thanks! (I'm posting my bond collection reviews on fridays)
    angie (
    p.s. I'm a canuck too!