Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meow Halloween Collection Swatch Links

FYI Meow's Halloween shop is open again!

I haven't finished swatching all of them and still need Harvest Moon (although I don't think that one is a Halloween collection, just autumn) and the brand new Asylum collection but here are some links from the swatchfest last year

Here is X
Four Horsemen
Friday the 13
Zombie Apocalypse
Halloween Zombies (just added)
Dance of Death (update: added Oct 20)

Huh.  I thought I did more than that.

I'm probably thinking of Pandora's Box and End of Days.  They're kinda doom and gloom too.

There is a new Abductee in the Alien Abduction collection for 2012

No picture for it yet but if it was as pretty as last years, SWEET!

S.E.T.I. is quickly becoming my favourite crease shade.


Oh hey beautiful.  Come here often?  So um... ya wanna go for a coffee some time?  Oh you're busy?  Being an eyeshadow?  Who can't communicate?



  1. I love this collection too! I have some colors from alien abduction and they are so sparkling and particular!!! :)

  2. Ahhh! I am overwhelmed! Too many pretty colors and I don't own any. Maybe I can convince a few to come live with me! BTW, S.E.T.I. is drool-inducing!

    Thanks for all the lovely swatches! You're amazing :)