Friday, April 9, 2010

Elfin Fairy Blossom

This was a super rushed look I just did to try out some of my new Midsummer Nights Dream shades from Aromaleigh. There are still shades available here. I didn't line or try to do anything fancy but I wanted to show you the pretty green shine to Elfin. I didn't have to sharpen the pic to make the shimmer show, it was just there!

I used:
Main shade Elfin
Crease Fairy
Highlight Blossom
Rimmel mascara

That was it, I was running late placing another order. Bad me. Ban starts again TOMORROW. Go grab ya some Eggnog while you're at it!


  1. How pretty! Elfin is very similar to Cookie Party, it seems.

  2. Yeah! That lid shade is awesome! I'm not sure if I have anything like it tho. Must fix that!

  3. Oh, Elfin, how much do I love thee.. Glad someone else snatched it, too! I'm a sucker for browns with green shimmer. The look is lovely, makes me think about spices...

  4. Very pretty! I need to dig out my Midsummer shades and play with them more often. I think I'll wear Elfin tomorrow :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Elfin is SOOOO much like Cookie Party, it was automatic that I'd love it. It's like the less glitzy of the 2, but still has the strong green prettiness.
    I think my next look will have Oberon! "Oberon: A deep golden yellow with iridescent flecks of green and gold"

    I can't wait to see what you come up with Michelle :)