Thursday, April 8, 2010

!HaRdCoRe hAuLaGe! And Meow Love!

It was like Christmas morning checking the mail this week. I got a total of 4 packages so far and one of them I actually forgot I was getting (thought I already had it but was wrong) so that was an extra nice surprise!

Package numero uno was Aromaleigh.

I ordered the last of the lippies I wanted in Creampuff and Sweet Tart and a backup of Loveonyourside (teeheee coulda been called spooning!) as well as 2 foundation samples in my "perfect match" voyage and the sample set of the Eye Plush shadows. I needed more "people" friendly shades I guess :) and at 25% off, can't go wrong!
My free samples were Salome (even though turdball me already had a full size ordered the time before this order) Delilah and Aphrodite. So far Cleo is still my fav Bete Noire glitter. Yes that was my kittehs name, and a DAMN GOOD ONE! :D

Package numero dos! Meow Meow MMMMEEEOOOWWW Cosmetics!

I ordered from the St. Paddy's Day sale, Get Lucky (light green), Shamrock (darker green) Dr. ZhiCATo and Witty Kitty as highlighters. I already knew Dr. ZhiCATo was wonderful from my samples and with the size of these jars, I don't really even need anymore highlighters :D Cashmere Mittens was asking for a temporary break, and the Dr. was more than happy to oblige. And ummm that was me being a witty kitteh?!? lol I am ODD.
I also ordered a schwackload of some more blush samples (Tease will be a must have for me, such a dolly pink!) and some Wild Cats powder. Pinky Panther was AWESOMELY GOOD, So I picked that for one of my freebies.

OH SHIT YEAH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU LADIES! I won Tammy's Funky Egg contest!!!!

I caught that bugger hiding out in the Halloween page. And it was perfect because that's the page my favourite eyeliner is on! COFFIN. W000000T!

I picked out a jar of Pinky Panther
A jar of the Hang Up Wild Child blush (MAC's Peach Ombre got me luvin the peaches)
3 Feliners:
Magi-Cat, IT'S PINK!
Krazy Kat, IT'S SPARKLY!

And I believe they are shipping it with my next order that I totally broke my no-shopping promise for. See?!? It was soooo worth it this time! And when that order comes, my perfect Foundation may just be in there too :)

AND ANOTHER THING! I don't think I've ever said how much I love that Meow not only has a sticky on the sifter, but they also shrink wrap each jar. How awesome is that!? So if for some reason the lid popped off and the sticky wasn't on all the way, there's NOOOO way, you are going to lose any product all over everything else.
You may be one of the peeps who think the wrap is unnecessary but I sure don't. I've had jars from others spill all over, even with the sticky on the sifter, sometimes it's lifted a bit, lid screws off and BAM! SILVER EVERYWHERE!
Not the case with Meow :)

Package number Threeeeeee! Aromaleigh Garage sale!

I went a little crazy here. Like, stick me in the straitjacket to keep me from using the internet to buy this much, crazy.

Click on the pic to see the names in the same position as the top pic.

And these were my fav 5 from this order:
Fairy, Elfin, Grace
Cupcake, Oberon

Oberon has this insane green shimmer to it. I will wear it SOON. Cupcake let me down before I realized it's full wonderfulness! I swatched it to check it out, and I saw a bunch of stuff float away. So I thought, oh great, it's got some kinda powder that didn't mix well, but I was WRONG. The stuff floating was just the SUPER SPARKLE SHIMMER! I held my hand to the window to check it out and WOW! It was like reflecting a mirror with it's sparkle! The stuff floating away was okay because there already was so much more on my hand!

Last but not least! Package 4! The one I forgot about, only because I thought it all arrived in package number 3! More Aromaleigh Garage sale goodies!

Click again to see names in order.

Fave 3:
Gingerbread, Lollipop and Eggnog. Lollipop has this super green sparkle to it that doesn't really show in the pic.

The end!
And here's some Winnipeg shots I took on Monday just cuz.


  1. Gratz on the hauling and winning the funky egg! That's fantastic!

  2. You know you buy a lot of makeup when you forget about packages :D congrats on finding the funky egg, thats awesome!

    I placed a Meow order last night, for a bunch of foundation samples and 2 Wild Child eyeshadow samples :) hoping my perfect match is in there too

  3. Holy shit that's a lot of great stuff! Thats soooo cool you found the egg! I really need to order their Wild Child samples, and they have some blushes I want to try as well.

  4. Awesome hauls and congrats on the funky egg :)

  5. Conga-rats on winning the funky egg hunt! Ooh, lotsa hauls. I'm getting haul-vertigo, lol

  6. Yep, now I understand what you meant about the ban! lol OMG, those last pictures are MEGA fantastic!!!

    Congrats on finding that egg! :) I'm still waiting for my order from Meow. Hopefully, we all will be able to find our perfect foundation match!:) I'm tired with those too light, too yellow, too pink, etc lol

  7. Damn! You sure did hit the jackpot, lady! Congrats on winning the Funky Egg contest. Woot!

  8. Congrats on the Funky Egg! And very nice haul.

  9. Pretty things!
    I found an Easter Egg code and ordered some Meow foundation samples- I really like their system. I got some blush and shadow samples too... Well done on finding the Funky Egg!

  10. Thanks everyboddeh! :D I'll share what I got when it arrives. I hope the Feliners are as good as I have them being in my mind now hahaha