Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday's EOTD Trying to look AWAKE

Okie dokie smokies! Monday was day 1 of our new shift change. We went from 11am start time to 9am "normal" people time. It didn't go so well for me sleep wise, I decided to have Easter McDonalds and it made me sick to the stomach so I got about 4 hrs snooze time. I don't know why, but in my attempt to look awake I thought neutrals would do best, maybe to blend in so nobody pays attention to how sleepy I really was? Who knows, Dr Phil!

So here's the look. Even my full face shot looks odd as hell. Super forced smile and a bit of an extra chin too many lol

I used:
Aromaleigh Geogianna all over lid
Silk Naturals Meteor in crease
MAC Henna in crease to try to darken a bit more
Can't remember hilight but probably Cashmere Mittens
Meow Cosmetics eyeliner in Coffin. BEST.EYELINER.EVER.STILL.

Here's it in all it's shiny glory:


And the rest:

eeek creepy face


  1. you look pretty pretty pretty!

  2. This is so pretty :D when I read 'eeek creepy face' I LOL'd.

  3. Well I can breathe a sigh of relief that nobody said "ACK, TAKE IT DOWN, SCARY FACE!" :D Thanks ladies, you guys are awesome <3

  4. Coffin is quite lovely. I'd wear that as an eyeshadow to cover my whole lid...
    I don't think you look scary. You look like you were really smiling and then someone said something weird and you tried to keep your smile, "what did you just say, betch?" :-P

  5. lol, okay I'll go with that instead :D