Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mashmallow Eggnog

I got TONNES of mail Tuesday and another package last night, I'll post pics of the awesome goodness but I have to leave for work so I'll do my EOTD for today instead! I found a new WICKED TASTIC Yellow!

It's discontinued but if you ever see an Eggnog e/s from Aromaleigh up for sale, I urge you to yoink one. It's so soft, like their Unicorn shade but without the blue shimmer, it's just a very soft buttery yellow.

I used:

Eggnog all over lid
Virtue from discontinued Midsummer Nights Dream in crease
Mallow from discontinued Spring Solstice
UP Bourbon liner
Rimmel lash maxx mascara



  1. Whoa! Looks great! :) Can't wait to see what you got! :) I'm on a no-buy now, but I enjoy watching what others got. :) It's my way of shopping nowadays! lol

  2. I like that its not POW BAM OBNOXIOUS it almost looks like a gold :)

    And holy crap Bourbon applies so well on your waterline! Mine does sweet fuck all and only leaves the slightest colour that makes my eyes look irritated :|

  3. Looks yummy! And pics of the hauls, it's rude not to share! ;) This is completely (well, almost) off-topic but I love sweet stuff with a hint of alcohol in them. Mövenpic used to have an ice cream with coffee and egg nog kind of stuff and that was delicious. They don't have it anymore in Finland :( Needless to say, I also like tiramisu which I've learned to make myself.

  4. So pretty! And now I've got marshmallows on the brain. Hm.

  5. I LOVE this look! The crease color is gorgeous.

  6. Hi HeavenNRJ! At least most of the stuff I did buy was juuuust before my ban. When you see the next post you will see why I banned myself lmao.

    Hiya Silhouette! I tried to layer it on like crazy :D I kept going back and forth, it probably melted off 5 mins after I took the shots!

    Hi Saila! It's on it's way :) That ice cream sounds like my kinda ice cream! I don't like coffee but I like coffee flavoured ice cream and I don't like eggnog but I think I'd like THAT in ice cream too!

    Hi Kathyeffingjacobs! Thank you :) Easter's over, so you can probably buy a whackload of peeps dirt cheap for ur marshmallow fix :D

    Thanks Phyrra!! :) I wasn't sure at first about Virtue, looked veeeery dark in the jar, but I tapped a bunch off and was pleasantly surprised myself lol. If I attempt a "makeup looking like no makeup" look like you did, I may just have to use Virtue!

  7. Marshmallow eggnog? WHERE? I'm hungry! Pale yellow looks perfect on you. I don't think I have ever tried such a colour on myself...hmmm, might have to.

  8. Howdy Blix! Thanks lady! :D I think it would look good on you as well, especially with the kick ass liner-age you do!