Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sugarpill Look without the Sugarpill

So ever since Shrinkle came out with Sugarpill and her "Burning Heart" quad I've been wanting it sooooo bad but kept buying other stuff and sticking myself on that pesky no-buy ban.

Then the idea popped into my head to see what shades I had already and attempt to mix and match my own version of the the look. It failed hardcore but if I kept my eyes open you couldn't tell the botched parts :D Blinking then gave the secret away. Damn eyeballs and their need for constant moisturization.

I used:

Aromaleigh Rocks for the 4 close shades:
Livewire instead of Buttercupcake inner 3rd of lid and below lashline inner 3rd
Velvetgoldmine instead of Flamepoint for the middle of the lid and below lashline
Taintedlove instead of Love+ for the end and crease
Blueorchid instead of Poison Plum to darken the crease and outer corner below lashline
Silk Naturals Sprite to highlight

UD Zero to line lashes
Rimmel Lash Maxx mascara

This was INSANELY hard. The red got out of hand and didn't want to wipe clean having the primer on. Then Velvetgoldmine decided to have the gold sparkles on the one eye, not go on uniformly and pack itself next to the red on the outside so it looked like I missed a spot or plopped yellow in the way. I think Sprite saved it a bit, blurring the red edges. GAH!

Here's pics of the uber fail


  1. It looks nice in the pictures. I don't think its an uber-fail. I've also been wanting to try out that palette, but I too, am trying not to buy so much makeup!

  2. I wish I could manage to do this kind of uber fails daily! lol Uber cute sunset! :)

  3. HAHA I wanted to do a look like that palette too, I literally did this exact same look a few days ago except I used colors from Concrete Minerals. Great minds think alike ;] I don't wanna pay $34 for a palette... I hate buying expensive makeup.

  4. Heather/Eyeconic: I know what you mean. Everyone's been raving about Sugarpill, so I know it's worth it, and the colors are really beautiful, but... everything with a high price tag seems A) silly, when I can get Fyrinnae for $5.90, and massive samples IN A JAR for $2, and also B) sets off my radar when it's over $10, all I can think about is LimeCrap!

    Sugarpill's products are (apparently) huge, ridiculously pigmented and long-lasting, hence the price tag... guess I might just have to save up so I can try it out for myself ;)

    The main thing I don't like about the palettes is that they contained colors I didn't think I'd use. After getting my Aromaleigh sample haul about a week ago, I've definitely changed my mind in regards to yellow shadow (I've fallen in love with Livewire!) So I suppose we'll see. I really, really wish they did samples, though - at least of the loose shadows.

  5. I don't see why you think it was a failure, it looks amazing to me! A gorgeous sunset look!

  6. I think you look good, silly kitteh!

  7. I dont think it's a fail at all, it's HOT :O I'ma steal it and recreate it before and after my Sugarpill gets here!

  8. youreeee so amazing with make-up! Just wish i was as brave as you!

  9. Love this colourful look! You applied it so well too! I was planning on doing something similar to this with my new Fyrinnae pigments. But without the purple. I don't think I'll ever bother to order from Sugarpill. Don't care for the prices and don't need a bunch of basic colours when I can get awesome, sparkly unicorn glitter poop colours somewhere else for a way better price. :-D

  10. Hi Ashley! We'll just have to keep daydreaming about it :D

    Hi HeavenNRJ! Thank you :) For some reason the weird blank looking spot didn't show up in the pictures but twas is the mirror I swears! lol

    Hi Heather! It's a bit pricey at first look but then I thought of it like getting 4 $8 shadows in one so that made it a better deal to me, I could do without the purple in it though, so I hope she has it so one day we can order singles to pop in our own palette. The red and yellow in it just look sooooooo wicked me wanty!

    Hi Jade! Samples would be awesome, or like a mini sugarpill! But yeah, I can see that being costly to make but think of how adorable they would be! :)

    Hi Lillian! Thank you! I think maybe I'm just not used to so much red. Going through the mall I was still so embarrassed :(

    Thank you Saila! :D

    Hey Silhouette! Thanks lady lol steal it and make it better than my try, cuz seriously I blew it! Even my lighting for the pics sucked cuz I had to do them in my bedroom so mr didn't think I was a weirdo lol

    Hi Jane! Thank you, you're so kind :) I sort of had to build up courage to wear this look lol, I don't think I'd be doing it again unless I had some better brushes or something to make it easier and less messy.

    Hiya Blix! Thank you! I wasn't going to use purple but I already took the 4-square shot and thought, Shit, now I HAVE to lol. I love SPARKLY UNICORN GLITTER POOP! I did some glittah in my last silver look cuz of you lady! I just totally forgot to mention it methinks :(

  11. Awesome look!

    I'm very much in love with the sugarpill but I did just pretty much spend all of my money (oops) on my order so now when I realise I want colours like the ones you've used here that I dont have money, dammit!

    Anyways, there was a point, I've lost it, I guess its:- the look is awesome - win

  12. Great look! These colours look amazing together and on you!

  13. lmao Emybloom! I always loose my point too which is why sometimes my posts just seem rambly hahah.

    Thank you Marce! :)