Sunday, April 8, 2012

China Glaze ~ Liquid Crystal Swatch

I have a stupid amount of nail polish.  I was buying it years before I decided eyeshadows were going to be the latest addiction.  It's not in the 500+ category I don't think (I refuse to count anything, denial is KEY YO!) but I have a bunch that hardly gets worn because my job ruins them.  So I've decided make 'em pretty, have work wreck them, new excuse to paint a new colour!


Except you guys because you get to see my beat-up sad looking cuticles but hopefully you'll be more focused on the pretty on the nail!  LIKE SPARKLES!!  And maybe by painting them a ton, I'll stop biting them.  Nail polish flaking off in your mouth is teh sucks.

Today's lurvely colour is China Glaze Liquid Crystal.  It's from the Prismatic Chroma Glitters line that just came out recently so you may still be able to pick up a few.  I need Prism.  I NEEDDDDDD PRISM.  Gotta make a trip to ebayland after this.

 No flash

 With Flash

Liquid Crytal is a pretty sky blue sparkle shade head on with multicoloured glitter pieces. As you angle it to the light it turns into a pretty pinky-purple.  I tried to take pictures of the shift but the best place to see it was in the bottle pics.  Glitter is hard to take pictures of :(  Cameras are like "GO AWAY NOW, YOU HURT MY LENS EYEBALLS."

I don't like the texture of these polishes so far.  I have 3 coats of Revlon Quick Dry top coat on and it still feels gritty.  I think I got spoiled with my Nerd Lacquer polishes.  Those babies have huge freakin chunks of stuff in them and yet they somehow manage to go so smooth.  IT'S MAGIC.  And awesome.  Lots and lots of awesome.

Out of this collection Polarized is the most lame shade.  It's just silver glitter with the multi coloured pieces.  No shifty shift.  Silver.glitter.  I hate silver glitter.  In eyeshadows if it mentions silver glitter I tend to pass.  I prefer gold or green but silver just looks white and boring and blah.


And on that note, Happy Easter! :)


  1. oOo ... bad thing to read this post and your previous one , LOL ... now i want all those polishes from that collection , darn !! :D

  2. Gorgeous! I love the flash of pink.