Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hits Mari Moon Modern Set Swatch

Holy rainbows Batman

Somehow the nail gods smiled down upon me and I lucked out at Ninja Polish to score the last 2 sets of the Hits Mari Moon multichrome polishes. I don't even know if multichrome is the right word but duochrome seems wrong with there being so many shifts in a bottle.

I took SOOOOOO many pictures of these to try to show off the colour shifting awesomeness but it was so freakin hard!  And even more hard to decide which pics to use so I'm going to split this into 2 posts.  This one is the cheater nail swatch post.  The next will be the bottle pics.  You have to see them!  Maybe... I'll throw 4 of them at the end but if you wanna see more angles just let me know.

I say cheater swatch post because I glued false nails on so these look prettier and there is no way in hell I can sit through another hour of that to swatch 4 colours, so I did all 4 on one hand!

This set is the Modern Set and includes: Trendy, Dreamer, Cutie Pie and Cool.

Trendy and Cutie Pie are 3 coats to look perfect to me, Dreamer needed 4 and Cool was the best at just 2 coats.

Two things I wasn't a fan of were the brush and the name on the bottle.  The brush is kind of wonky but since I'm a bad blogger I didn't take a pic to show you.  Just know, it's wonky...

And as for the name on the bottle, after opening these a few times the names rubbed off.

Now for the PIKTUREZ!!

Index finger: Trendy
Eff you! finger: Dreamer
Ring finger: Cutie Pie
Pinky: Cool

Cutie Pie is definitely my favourite of the bunch. It's so unicorn-y. YES UNICORNS COME IN RAINBOW COLOURS!

I want to paint everything with these

My phone

My Kindle

My neighbours cat


  1. omg I want cutie pie and dreamer. T.T

    1. Dreamer makes this song pop into my head

  2. Oh wow, Dreamer and Cutie Pie are to die for!!!

  3. I'll let you paint my cat with these!

  4. ZOMG I am so not even a nail person but I NEED Cutie Pie!! It looks just like a lil bottle of magic! WANT!


    I need Cutie Pie and all the others right nao. I instantly thought of unicorns and magical things when I saw your nails, too.

  6. Oh my gosh... I would like these all very much. Very, very much...

  7. Wow! They are all amazing. I really want Cutie Pie!

  8. !@^&^(*^$ now I wish I had gotten Cutie Pie instead of Artsy!! SO PRETTY

  9. How do polishes like these even EXIST?! AND HOW CAN I GET THEM

    1. GOOD QUESTION!! People who saw me wearing them to work kept asking me where but I have no clue and I don't know Ninja Polish is getting more or not :(

  10. Oh wow wow wow I neeeed these! So so pretty!
    IYou can get them individually here: :)