Sunday, April 8, 2012

EOTD using Tarte True Blood Palette v.2

I was so super happy with how this second look turned out!  This is probably the best neutral look I've ever pulled off!  Considering I've done maybe 4 neutral looks ever, that doesn't sound so special, but I swear it kicks all those other neutral looks' asses.  ALL MAYBE 4 OF THEM!


This look's unnecessary name shall be forever named:

Stake the Light at Dusk!

Whatever that means...

For this look I used:

Lid: The Light
Crease: Dusk
Outer corner: Stake
Browbone: Fairy
Lower lashline: Stake
Inner lashline: Fairy
PF Gel liner AGAIN
And these neato individual little false lashes I bought from KKCenterKH I used on the outer corners but you can't really tell until picture 3.

All my full face shots looked stupid, so here's a purposely stupid one.
Lipstick was MAC Naughty Sauté.

Also hard to tell but the nails were China Glaze "Liquid Crystal."  I'm a total tool.  Sally's had all nail polish "buy 2 get 1 free" so I went to grab all the Prismatic Chome polishes but "Prism" sold out so I grabbed Blue Sparrow for polish #6 only to get home and see I have it already. womp womp.
I should have just grabbed a double of one of the Prismatic shades to give one away.  WAY TO THINK, ME!

My new babies.

I realllllly gotta get Prism.  It's not a whole team unless Prism shows up.  TEAM AWESOME.


  1. This is one of the nicest neutral looks I've seen. Yeah, I'm gonna pinterest the sh*t outta this one.

  2. very beautiful. i really want the tarte true blood palette!

    1. Thank you! If you can find it, it has some really nice neutrals in there!

  3. Love the new banner, love the pretty face! You sort of remind me of River from Firefly. :P

    1. Thanks lady! :) I decided that other banner was too massive. It took me like 20 tries to make one that even almost fit up there. I'm so website-disabled lol

  4. Great neutral eyeballs! They look so... velvety! I don't have the True Blood palette but I think the upcoming Nyx Dark Shadows palette has a similar range of eyeshadow colors. I'm pretty excited about it :)

  5. Such a gorgeous look! I wish I would have got that palette!!!