Friday, April 6, 2012

Nerd Lacquer ~ Gorramit Swatch

The next Nerd Lacquer shade I have to show you is Gorramit.

To me this shade reminds me of vomit.  AND I LOVES IT!  Or I wouldn't have bought it :D  It's one of those things that are so ugly it's cute.  Like Chinese Cresteds.

The Nerd Lacquer description is:  "a cantankerous golden yellow with silver and gold microglitter, gold glitter, medium square red glitter, and multiple sizes of copper and rust hexagonal glitter."


 I took these pictures with 2 coats Gorramit and 2 coats of clear top coat. 

 No Flash
 No Flash
 Super-dee-dooper mega closeup with flash.
 Another sweet ass closeup by my window with no flash.

Isn't it FANTASTIC?!?  

Hellz yeah it is.

I love the giant hex glitters in this one.  Taking a quick look at the bottle you mostly see the red sqaure glitter and the small gold glitter so when I started putting it on and big-ass hex glitter came out I had to look at the bottle again to make sure it wasn't just a random piece that ended up in the bottle.  But nope!  They really are in there, just camouflaged in the yellow base.



  1. ZOMG! Jayne's cunning hat in polish form, this is made of awesome.

  2. This reminded me of very bad horror movies where monsters squirt funky colored slime when they're wounded. But vommit suits it fine too. I love it!