Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink, Silver and Yellow EOTD

I didn't get many pictures of this look because I had to run so you get a 1 blurry pic and a crappy cell phone pic with 1 not so bad one. 

I liked the sparkle in this look, not so sure I liked the colour combo.  Could have used a different crease shade, or maybe it would have looked better with a turquoise blue lid colour.  I just grabbed and went with it and this was the result!

I used:

Lid inner 2/3: Hi-Fi Cosmetics Crystal Moon
Outer 3rd: Hi-Fi's Don't Wanna Be Friends
Crease: Meow's Living Dead (Zombie Apocalypse)
Upper crease and lower lashline: SP Buttercupcake
Liner: Physician's Formula gel liner
Lower liner: MAC Black Line

And I tried to re-do that pastel look I did a week ago with Too Faced Naked Eye palette and my Annabelle cosmetics Day Dream spring '11 shades.

I think the crease is either Living Dead too or Unmentionables from the Too Faced palette.  CAN'T REMEMBER!

Also, I bought my first Dior palette (with that Sephora sale last week) but didn't show it off yet!


Haven't used it yet, I just like lookin' at it :D

I may get around to swatching it but probably won't because I'm a lazy ass. 

So for now it's all look, no touch.


  1. THis is an interesting combination of colors, i love your work on the crease!

  2. Oh, I'd be too scared to use a palette that is this pretty.

    But I now really really really want to do a dusty pink with yellow crease look.

    1. lmao, so far it's still untouched. I'll be very upset if when the day comes and I do use it, it ends up being really ugly hahaha.
      Yes!! DO YELLOW CREASE! :)

  3. Yes a work of art that palette, however your post made me think...I have some high end and unused palettes in the draw for a 'special occasion' like I am only worthy of cheap *rap every day...crack open the bolly equivalent of eye shadow I say...YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!!

    1. This is correct! I have a whole backup drawer and the only things I've grabbed from it were mascaras and makeup remover. I need to just USE THE STUFF already!

  4. beautiful! i want that palette!!! haha

  5. I love the pink on the lid in the first look. Don't think I've ever seen you use a color like this before - you should use it more!!

  6. Lovely! Both looks are kind of toned-down, pastel rainbows. I love these for spring!!