Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beauty Product Hoarder - LOTS o pics

hoarder (plural hoarders)

1.One who hoards; one who accumulates, collects, and stores.

Welpers, in trying to find a space for my bpals when I placed the order awhile ago AND after watching the show "Hoarders" I'm going to admit I have a slight problem :)

I lurrrrve lotions and beauty products in general but when a product smells off I will chuck it, but I noticed I keep some useless shit!

Price tags from clothes I got on sale on my nightstand. I'll toss those, but I should have gotten rid of them in the first place.

The extra buttons that come with clothes. I usually chuck those on the nightstand too. I don't even remember what I wear that HAS buttons...

I have an entire frikkin rubbermaid container FULL of t-shirts that no longer fit me, that I keep "just in case"

It really is full, it's the one on the bottom because it couldn't close right so I had to stack one full of blankets on top of it, and a tv on top of that!

I have some perfumes that I've had since I was 12. I wore Candies everyday back then and I still didn't go through a whole bottle so I don't know why I keep buying more bottles of other perfumes besides the fact that "IT PRETTY MUST HAVE!"

The little bag hanging off the shelf is FULL of perfume samples that I've gotten as gwp or presents or avon.

I need to organize that shelf or the glass is going to frikkin shatter.

Also scrapbook stuff is my weakness. More specific, the pretty papers you can get!

I started that maybe 3 years ago and I've only done 2 pages :( I'm bad at never printing my pictures or the pictures I take aren't worth printing.

My first colour of nail polish was this neon pink my mom bought me when I was 5ish, I still remember it, it had a white lid! So I'm really good at painting both hands even by now, I've had almost 20 yrs practice :D Some bottles where the colour sucked have gotten chucked in the past years but this is what I have today hoarded away (my poor Just Groovy blue is separated!)

The box doesn't contain my Chrome nail polishes, my China Glaze Kaleidoscope collections or my glittery/special effects top coat polishes. Those are in a box in my closet somewhere from when I moved.

And now for the stuff I'm super running out of space for, BATH PRODUCTS! Is it wrong to always want to smell nice? I had to get a rolly cart thingy to hold stuff that wouldn't fit in the closet. Here be mah cart!

The size of it: (I dunno just compare it to my toilet paper! :D

The top 2 shelves hold some of my Lush stuff. I could probably make a killing with the discontinued bath bombs and melts on ebay. But I won't. Then I can'ts smells thems!

And the big pretty space on the counter needed to be cluttered up:

More Lush in the green box! mmmm Lush.

Under the sink isn't safe:

What's in the Lush bag...MOAR LUSH

After I lived in this apartment for maybe 5 months I noticed a secret drawer for me to jam more shit into!

It was painted shut the first time I tried to open it so I thought the line was just for show and then a few weeks later it was bugging me so I went under the sink and saw that YEAH IT REALLY WAS A DRAWER! I can't believe it took me so long to notice it though. Silly me. Must be the chemicals to my brain.

You'd think that with all the stuff tucked away my tub would look bare. WRONGO. Here's my corner :s

I want one of those racks that hang off of the shower head but I can see that going horribly wrong. Avon's shower gels come in the neat hook shape so when a shower gel runs out I will rinse and refill it with something else. At one point I had 9 of these hanging. Pretty sad I know. I also realized the older, more opaque bottles from like 2003 held the product better. These newer bottles suck ass, when it gets warm, the showel gel leaks out of the lid. Stupid me went on a clutter removal last summer and accidently tossed the older style bottles because they were close to empty :sadface

And I thought that was the extent of mah junk but almost forgot to show you the closet in my bathroom. This also holds my backups (hair dyes, toothpastes, deodorants, toothbrushes, essential stuff, yes hair dye is totally essential)

The bottom shelf just hold towels and a couple of things so here be my scary other 3:

And what hoarding post wouldn't be complete without a current state of makeup shot:

That's the majority of my junk/beauty product obsession. I don't collect weird shit like the lady on tv who refused to toss a moldy pumpkin or the guy who had tax books from the 80's or the people who have piles and piles of random shit blocking EVERYWHERE.

I'm not a total crazy person, if a fire happens I will be able to make my way to the front door obstacle free. With my train case in hand of course...


  1. Yeah...this looks suspiciously like my apartment (did you fly to Cleveland????). Don't feel bad! We're not hoarders, we are, uh, "collectors"!

  2. Your LUSH & perfume collections make me swoon. I'm a bit of a hoarder too...I have a feeling I won't live long enough to consume all the bath products I own :)

  3. WOW! You have absoloutly loads! But if it smells good... then carry on buying it:P


  4. Oh my God! Your set of drawers (the white one) on your counter is identical, I mean IDENTICAL to the ones I bought yesterday to keep my makeup in... And you're across the pond and North a bit!

    Small world.

  5. You remind me of me! lol. If I happen to like say body sprays which I do there will be 100 or more of them without exaggerating. Love this post. x

  6. Dude. I want all your stuff. Also, I'm totally obsessed with watching Hoarders... at least you're not losing a loaded gun in your house ;]

  7. Lisa Kate: I gotta say "collector" just has a nicer ring to it :)

    Cracked_Oblivion: I know! That's the hard thing with so much stuff. I don't even remember ever finishing a full lotion bottle lol

    Jane! Thank you! :D I don't think I could stop even if I wanted too hahah

    Janet: Thank you :) That's like, 7 years of hard "buying" work lol

    RaeRae: I love drawers and this white one is so durn cute. I wanted to get some more for my makeup as well.

    VampiressDoll: Body sprays are the shit! hahaha

    Heather: A frikkin GUN!?! Man, I missed that episode! That's so scary! Did you see the food hoarder? I'm glad I don't have smell-o-vision lol.

  8. Whoaaaaaa O_O my face is literally like that right now

    Even with the insane amount of bath products, I just cant stop staring at your perfume collection! And at least your stuff is organised, so you wont end up on Hoarders too soon ;]

  9. lol, it's not really that organized, basically if I can shove it in a spot and sorta hid it away half assedly then it works for me!

    The perfume is a bit harder to hide and some of the bottles are just too damn cute to hide. One has a FUCKING CASTLE ON IT!!! It's the bestest :) although Makeupalley is kinda mean to it. Meanie faces.

  10. You know, you could turn that tote of old t-shirts into a really cool quilt and if you don't know how to sew yourself, there are lots of companies online who can do it for you.

  11. Hiya Erzbet, I've been wanting to attempt a quilt in awhile! It didn't even occur to me to use the shirts! I have a sewing machine that got used a total of twice lol. Most of the shirts are Care Bear or Nintendo themed so it would be a pretty kick ass blankie :)

  12. I love Lush too!! Yay! I bet your house smells like EPICNESS. Ooo we share the same organization technique aka SHOVE SHIT IN DRAWERS. Wootness! Btw if your bottle of Ghost goes missing don't bother looking it means I stoled it. ( jk XP)

  13. Whoa! What a collection! Love starring at pictures like these! :) And, girl, you cracked me up with your captions! :)

  14. Hi HeavenNRJ :D Thank you! I like seeing peoples insane stashes too lol

    Heya Pixie! I responded to your comment but it got eaten by the interwebs I guess :( If you ever see this again, I said you can go ahead and sneak in and steal my Ghost, I'll probably not notice it went missing lol And shoving shit in drawers is like the ONLY way to organize :D

  15. I feel your pain, i'm a hoarder too. My room is just absolutely jam packed with stuff, hundreds of items of clothing, lots of toys, a whole room of shoes, boxes and boxes of skincare and beauty stuff. Trunks of fabric, hundreds of canvases, paints etc. But i also nick things from my Mum, so i don't buy my own toothpaste or shampoo or things, so i can't imagine what i'll be like when i leave home!
    Looks like you've got some stuff hidden away :)

  16. I am a product hoarder too! I work at a Drug store so get great discounts on things... I even have that same make up travel case you have (the black lace one!).

    However, I have decided to turn my hoarding in to a blog, feel free to check it out and add your comments/product suggestions!

    Good luck!

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  18. I have NO sense of smell, so I don't hoard perfumed products, but I do hoard sulfate free soaps like nobodies business because it seems like I find one that I really love, then the formula gets discontinued or changed.

    I am bad with mineral make up and tools.

    Yes, tools. I keep threatening my husband that I am going to divorce him if he doesn't share the garage. I want a table saw, drill press, scroll saw, band saw, router and belt sander down there dammit!!!!

    I have my own sets of tools and heads roll if anyone dares touch my tools & doesn't put them back where they belong.

    My makeup and tools are all in fishing tackle boxes so he can't tell the difference ;)

    Oh yeah. Fabric. Can't forget the fabric. But I sew a lot, so I probably have enough fabric to open a store. I had over a 100 yards of polar fleece in the attic at one point. Great supplemental insulation until I used it all up.


  19. I actually just got all proud of myself, I've used EVERY TOOL YOU JUST MENTIONED!! whoop! Go me! :D
    I took Industrial Arts class. Made a table. And a loon bank!

    I can also definitely see the fabric allure.
    I've maybe made 4 pillows in my life yet I have yards of stuff and patterns, I can just never follow directions though :( I need to see, not read.

    I have this wicked black with pink pinstripes that's begging to become a coat or vest or something equally as awesome. One day I'll figure it all out :)

  20. Shhhhssshhhhhh. Super Secret. I can't read patterns to save my damned life. I use them to redraft my own patterns that make sense to my hamster brain.

    Then again, I am not sewing normal stuff. OH NO! I get stuff like, "Hey, I'm leaving for Bengium & France in two weeks to fight in the International Broad Sword League World Championships. Can you make me surcoate, fix my gambeson & embroider this for me?"

    Or Knights that fight in full plate armor who as me to sew them a red gambasson or arming coat. Oh yah, they need it quick.

    I FAILED Home Ec, so I took Industrial Arts & Electronics. Did really well in those classes. And I sew like you wouldn't believe.