Friday, February 26, 2010

Memory Fail

Tis a memory fail because I can't recall what all I used for Wednesday's EOTD :(

I know I used some She Space colours and MAC but I don't remember using eyeliner, yet THERE IT EFFING IS! What the hell!

I used probably:

Lid: A Tale of Twins
End and crease: MAC Beautiful Iris
Darker colour in crease and lower liner: MAC Parfait Amour
Browbone: Crystal Wind

It's bugging the shit out of me that I can't remember what the eyeliner is and that's just from 2 days ago! Crapcrapcrap.

I want lemonaid.

This was an attempt to show you how wonderful Crystal Wind is but of course my camera was being lamesauce and you can't see the rainbowy coolness of it.


  1. Maybe you should roll yourself in Crystal Wind and then take photos :)

  2. That just may work! If only they weren't being discontinued. There goes another dream lol

  3. Haha you silly thing! Perhaps your cat stole your memory for revenge against making him wear an orange hat?

    I freakin love tale of much sad about TSS :( :( :( :( <---see?? thats a lot of sad :(

  4. There is liner because there must always be liner- Old Chinese Proverb Say :D

    It's ok, the memory banks overflow sometimes... You look good anyway, so that doesn't matter lol!

  5. Love this look! Like Lisa Kate I'm not sure what I'll do without Heather's wonderful LE collections. I've ordered so much since she made her announcement & hope there isn't too much more wonderful stuff left.

    Just read a comment on another blog that the customer service is going down the tubes - wish people wouldn't try so hard to bash her!

  6. I love how ethereal the look is.

  7. Hi Lisa Kate! That is a very mucho amount of sad! I keep checking to see what new clearout colours get posted.

    Hi RaeRae! I laughed so hard when I saw that in my email lol. I remembered what I used yesterday and then forgot this morning :s Fail on me agains.

    Hi Marcey! I'm thinking the customer service may be less than perfect just because she's super busy. I have no problem waiting. I'm a patient parrot. hahaha parrots aren't patient, I picked a lousy example lol

    Thanks Phyrra! I love that word! :D

  8. Ugh... I had typed something but my page randomly refreshed and erased it...WTF?
    Anyway! I like how soft and shimmery it is. Great colours! You always crack me up!