Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sand Dune under a Full Moon

I bought all these Meow Cosmetics Egyptian Treasures months ago and silly me has only really used King Tut (tublahblahtoolong) twice. So yesterday I peeled the sticky of the sifter and used something new.

All shadows are from Meow Cosmetics, only the gold one is still available for now.

I used:
FPE (I'm just going to start abbreviating Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy or call it Pixipox but maybe not, that sounds like a disease...)

Lid: Sand Dune from Egyptian Treasures line
Crease: Macabre from Halloween Zombies
Highlight: Full Moon from Halloween Zombies
Eyeliner lid: Coffin from Halloween Dance of Death
Eyeliner lower lash: Macabre again

It was hard to have the camera cooperate, it just doesn't like the flash that metallics give off so I sharpened the "eye" picture and one of the others, you will probably see the difference. The sharpened ones were super accurate to what I saw in my bathroom mirror. I may have to try this to older photos and see if that's what fixes them too.

P.S. I am very sad I didn't grab some full size Morgana Minerals awhile ago :(
I went to grab a few from my samples and only 1 colour was still available, Bronzine.
I really wanted Elven and Alyasis and Glowing Pearl. Also, I realize it's kinda pointless for me to tell you guys this because they are goners and you can't see how awesome they were :( RIP dear colours. RIP.


  1. Love this look. Gorgeous! I wish I had bought a full size of Full Moon, I have a sample and love it. All of the colors look great. :)

  2. Thank you :) Hopefully they release it again next halloween. There are some more halloween ones I wished I had gotten a full size of (I think it was Spiderweb, an orangey one)

  3. LE colours are evil :(

    sadkashjd that gold is like liquid metal. love.

  4. Me luvs this look. Golds are just perfect all year round. :-)

  5. You badass, this is awesome! I love Macabre!

  6. Thank you :D I loves me golds, I could probably cover my entire self in gold shadows I have that big an obsession lol