Monday, February 8, 2010

Glacial Grove

Flipping through my sample baggies I forgot I had snagged a bunch of Meow Cosmetics' Glacial Grove collection. It's kind of horrible I forgot, seeing as I bought jars too :s

So for today's look I used 2 of the colours.

Lid main: Cheers! from Xmas Ghosts
Corner and crease: Copse from Glacial Grove
Highlight: Dirty Snow from 12 Pains (I've got to learn to just use this under my eyebrow, it's kind of intense do use it on half your eye!)
Eyeliner above and below: Woodlands from Glacial Grove

Cheeks: a 50/50 mix of Fyrinnae Charm and Seduce
Then went over it in Avon Mark Kitten Glo for more sparkle

Lips: Mac Bubblegum

And for some reason my eyebrow ring scar looks super noticeable in white...

I had something else to say but forgot.

I like pie.


  1. I read 'copse' as 'corpse' and was like :| WHAT A HORRIBLE EYESHADOW NAME. I'm so retarded.

    askdaskdj the lid colour is so pretty, I heart pewtery silver colours <3

  2. I really like how the liner color turned out. Silver is really pretty.

  3. Wow this is beautiful on you! I like pie too! Pumpkin is my fav...then follows apple. :-)

  4. Hi SilhouetteScreams! When I first saw the colour on the website I could have sworn it did say Corpse! I thought it was a very odd name for a holiday colour!

    Thank you VampiressDoll :) I figure if I'm going to use brown there needs to be the shiny!

    Hey Easy Peasy and Lisa Kate! Thanks! :D And who doesn't like pie?!? EVIL people that's who! Sez me!

    Thanks Phyrra, I got lucky this time! It seems that whenever I use the sealant it's much more harder for me to get it even :(

    Thank you Blix! I luuuuurve pumpkin the best. I'm even wearing a lotion that smells like Pumpkin Cheesecake pie! Oh yeah, that's right :D