Monday, February 15, 2010


Brrrr it's effing cold in here! Stupid Winnipeg winds ripping apart my soul.

Drama practice done for the day.

On to business!

I'm unsure if I liked today's look. Yesterday's kind of sucked as well so I don't think I'll post it. Maybe if I want shtuffs to do later :)

Aromaleigh's Sonic Rocks! eyeshadows are currently being reformulated so Kristen is selling off ALL the old stock at 35% off. I grabbed 9. I'm probably stupid for placing an order right away because I know in the past I have bad timing and I have a feeling these may go on the 25% off sale in a few days so they will be 35% off and then maybe 25% off. That's just me assuming. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ASSUMERS! But yeah. My luck is like that. I JUST finally spent my $25 coupon from the gem hunt because I know you can't use 2 coupons so I thought what's the sense of saving it and then BAMMO, these babies go on at 35% off a couple weeks later, no coupon needed. Yup. Bad timing me. And for some reason that whole order I made doesn't show up in my order history either. But this is just me being a big ol' whiny baby face :P

In December, when the rocks! went on sale at 50% off I grabbed all the colours I didn't have yet and was intrigued by Peek-a-boo. It's a very odd colour I have never seen in a shadow! It's a pastel-y, pale orangey, peachy, nude colour. The site description is: tangerine coral with multi-glow gliitz. blacklight reactive. All I know is it looked frikkin awesome on my hand and I had to grab a full size in case the colour formula changed too much :D

The problem with this colour...what the hell do I pair it with?!? I even asked my mister because I was so lost! Now THAT is desparate.

I settled on another colour I grabbed from the sale and this is what I ended up with:

All Aromaleigh unless specified otherwise

Main: Peek-a-boo
End and crease: Purplerain
Highlight: Sylph

Eyeliner: Too Faced Turquoise Tinsel

Mascara: rimmel again and again and again......

Cheeks: Breathless with Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection over top to tone it down.

Lips: Avon Mark hook-up in Peek-a-boo (aaahhhh so now you see why the title.. :)

Anyone have any suggestions on what to pair this colour with? I think maybe bright pink or a bright blue but I really have no idea.


  1. Oooh thats a really interesting colour O_O pink and/or blue are the only colours I can think to pair it with too

  2. I think a magenta-purple would go well with the peachy tones in Peek-a-boo, maybe like Obsession or Raspberryberet.

  3. On second thought, maybe try a coral or orange colour :) orrrrr some shade of purple

  4. Damn I placed an order last night and DIDN'T get that color! So mad at myself!

    I'm thinking it would look great with a bright pink liner and a silver or grey crease.

  5. Okie dokie smokies! I think my next attempt shall be a pink! I have so many I'll just close my eyes and see what happens lol.