Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue Ice Cut Crease

Today was hockey day so I didn't go anywhere but was uber bored so of course I had to play with makeups!

I got the cut crease urge after taking a lookie at Silhouettes blog

The only problem was not knowing what to use. I googled some looks and I really liked the blue I saw here

Check that out! 2 links in a row! I'm a slow learner... (nope still can't figure it out so I'll put them in this way) and

Going through my pile o' happiness I found an Avon Mark set of shadows I've only worn once that had a pretty light blue in it. It's no longer available, I bought it in '08 and avon discontinues stuff pretty damn fast. Google doesn't even have a pic and stupid me forgot to take one before putting it away. If I remember I'll throw one up afterwards. It was called Wink of Glam Eyeshadow palette in Blue Ice. There are 5 stripes in it, a medium blue, 2 pale blues that look almost identical, a black with some iridescent sparkle and a pale pink.
I used them all!

For the first time in a long time here is my all non indie makeup company look!

I used:

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Baby Blue on the main lid only, just enough to make it a bit more sticky. The shades were almost matte and I didn't want pixie epoxy to effect the finish.

Then using a slanted eyeliner brush I used the black and carefully drew a line in the crease and brought it out past my eye a bit, not meeting the edge of my eye. I like the space look better than when it meets the end.
It took forever to get both lines even on each side, one was droopy so I had to q-tip the end off and try again. Then using the same shade and brush I carefully dragged the black up a bit to fade it out, but keeping the line solid where it meets the blue. If you fade that line, it's not as intense.

Then I used the medium blue and used it over the faded out black and brought that up a bit with the eyeliner brush (I don't have many so I make do lol)

Once it looked blended enough I used the pale pink shade as the highlighter and carefully blended it into the medium blue.

Then I used Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero and lined the top lashes and carefully winging it out so it almost touches the edge of the black in the crease but not quite and then I lined my lower waterline as well.

Curl lashes, loads of black mascara, filled in the brows and voila!

This one turned out way better than the one I did in December or the red/silver one I did!

Cheeks were Avon Mark as well, Pink Kimono from the Tokyo flip palette from '08 too I think.

Lips were MAC Bubblegum with MAC Hello Kitty in Nice Kitty.

Here's my look!

Frik my eyes look lame head on.

This picture was taken to get a swatch of the lips but I like how the eyeshadow looked in it even moARE!!!

BUNNEH!! We are plotting ways to get rid of Horatio Caine....dun dun dunnnn

My goofball face for BLIX! I was trying to look badass goofy but it looks like a mean kissy face instead. FAIL ON THE STUPID FACE!


  1. THIS.LOOKS.SO.GOOD I want to steal it

    I looooooove the way you cut the crease and winged it out so it looks like double winged liner :)

  2. I said "Oh wow" out loud just so you know. Lurve the cut crease and the blues yo.

  3. Ooooh it's a little bit Twiggy :)

  4. Love the crease! You did a lovely job. And NICE face! Ha! At first it looked like you had a gun up to the bunny...hee hee. Pwease don't hurt the wabbit! :-P

  5. Silhouette, you can'ts steals it, then I haves no more eyelids! :o

    Thank you Pixie :D

    Thank you RaeRae, and now I wish top model was on lol

    Thanks Phyrra! I was gonna try to do the tape trick with it but that would have totally crapped it up :D

    Thanks Blix! I promise to not shoot the bunneh, so long as he makes me a sammich!