Thursday, February 4, 2010

NYX In The Woods

Is boooooring. But that's probably because I don't like neutrals incase ya haven't guessed :)

So yesterday I used the NYX In The Woods trio.

Here's the pic:

I think if it was just called "3 browns in a pan" I would have skipped past it but I saw the name, and my brain thought, "Well ya know... you should always have safe colours around....and the name is AWESOME!"


So this is what it looks like using all 3.

Main: the 1st colour, medium shade
Crease and liner: 2nd colour and darkest
Highlight: 3rd and lightest shade

See? Boring! I should have slapped some green in there somewhere. Make it really woodsy :D


  1. Haha 3 browns in a pan. You silly girl! I actually like it though...I mean, it's not very "you" but I like it anyways. Mama wants. If only you lived down the street!!! OMG we'd have so much fun haha I would make your kitteh wear clothes (cause everything is cuter in a tutu!)

  2. lmao, 3 browns in a pan SHOULD be a name of a trio now :D

    I've always wanted a kitteh in clothes!! She's too old and vicious and would fight me, so we'd have to start from scratch (no pun teeheee)