Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today at work it's "wear red to work day to support team Canada!" wooooo that's long!

So I tossed on the brightest red shirt I own that just happens to be the Good Charlotte shirt I bought almost 10 years ago! It's SO EFFING RED!

Anddddd I wanted to wear Canada themed makeup. Man it's friggin hard to get creative when your country's colours are just red and white.

I was hoping to have it look more red but when I dropped some Aromaleigh eyeliner sealant into my red shadow it turned more of a reddish copper colour instead. Oh wells.

I used:

UPDD base
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk and blended it just on the main lid part not going above the crease
Stardust Cosmetics in Cashmere Mittens allllll over. This colour worked pretty well with the red because it's like a white with a fine copper shimmer.
Eyeliner: Meow Cosmetics in Tutankhamun wetlined with the sealant.
Rimmel mascara
Body Shop rainbow glitter mascara topper over top the lower lashes

Avon Mark in Afterglo
Aromaleigh Elemental cheek glistener in Luminary I think... They both look so similar I just grabbed one :)

Avon Mark hook-up in Peek-a-boo

It's not nearly as red as I would have liked but oooooh well :)


  1. This is a really beautiful classy look. Great job!

  2. LOVE the Cashmere Mittens! You look all sophisticated XD

  3. Thank you girlies :) I was worried I looked washed out. I was just too lazy to try to find a matchy crease colour :D

  4. The liner is so cute XD

    Everybody outside of Australia seems so excited for the Winter Olympics! I guess we mostly don't care because our country is pretty much a desert :P

  5. lol, I'm only excited because it's here!!! Well, not exactly here (wrong province :(, the poor athletes would all get frostbite on their butts.