Sunday, February 7, 2010

One more, MAC Spring Color (colour) Forecast Haul

I'm Canadian, there is a "U" in there because we love to use extra letters. And the English do it. And this is English so naturally there is a "u". hah!

Almost forgot! I bought a few things from the MAC Spring Colour Forecasts. There was free shipping. I could have walked to the store but usually some dipshit has already stolen a tester so I can't see the colour anyways.

I ordered:
Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach SC2F corals
Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom SC1F pinks
Glaze Lipstick in Bubble gum SC1F pinks
Frost Lipstick in Victorian SC2F corals
Lipglass in Gold Dust SC4F ambers

I didn't order anything from the spring colour 3 forecast (plums). I just about grabbed the blush but I saw someone else's swatch and it was waaaay too dark for me. The Lavender Wind also sounded like a good idea, but after googling that swatch I changed my mind as well. I just looked like clear gloss. Waste.

My boyfriend was actually kind of shocked I didn't order a single eyeshadow. He hates the lip colours I picked but too bad for him :P

Here's Bubblegum:

And here's Victorian.

I'm not sure I like this one. It has a bit of a gold shimmer to it but the pink is a bit loud for me. I made it a bit more wearable by sticking Fyrinnae's Romantique on top and blotting it.

Meh. I guess in the pics you can't really tell I did anything :D

Just had a moment of duh, I have a frikkin lipglass! Use the frikkin lipglass!

Were you tempted by any of it?


  1. I really want the plum Blush Ombre, but I don't think I'd ever be able to pull it off :|

    Australians speak the Queen's English too ;D

  2. The gold with the lips looks really nice. I also really like the look of the peach blush. I think if I was ever to buy MAC, that's what I would get.

  3. Oh LOL I was going to say that lippie you hated looked like Romantique! I guess I know my lustres.....:D LOVE The lippies!

  4. I also put a "U" in colour. :-) But I grew up in Europe so that's how I was used to seeing it...
    You got shum shecksay lips there woman!