Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frankenmix Deux

Here is a colour I made from more sample baggies.

I had a baggy of Sobe Botanical's Grass colour and I love greens but this one was too muddy looking for me. Flipping through my spare samples I grabbed the baggy of Meow Cosmetics' Marry Mayhem Star and threw some of the green in with it.
I used the mix yesterday!

I got lazy and only two colours were used.

Lid: Frankenmix!
Highlight: That shitty Twilight Rosalie palette. Really the only thing these eyeshadows are good for if they weren't so damn flaky.

And I paired it with my new MAC spring colour forecast blahblahblah in Gold Dust

That be all :)


  1. Wow, the lippie is gorgeous! I love all the teeny shimmers :)

  2. Thanks! My camera decided it actually wanted to pick the glitter up that time :)

  3. LOL Twilight >_<

    I'm jealous that you can pull off such greens without looking like you have conjunctivitis :D

  4. Oh yeah, I'm digging this look. I've been wanting to do a bright green look. Must do it some time! The lips are gorgeous!

  5. lmao, thanks Silhouette, I will have to look up what conjunctivitis is hahaha :D

    Thanks Blix! I like how if you look at my eyes and my lips in this post I HAS NO NOSE! Teeheee I look like a monster with a huge but sparkly mouth. If you grabbed any of the Aromaleigh Hi fi Mattes you should try In Orbit! oOOoo greeny goodness!