Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Fyrinnae Swatchiness


I swatched 4 more lip lustres!

I sowwy for being a lazy ass :( I should have had these done by now but the thought of wiping one off and them putting another on and then wiping THAT off. Omg, dryness inDEEDY!

My lil ol blog was mentioned in Fyrinnae post for my lip swatches and I grinned like a dumbass for a half hour straight :D And gained a few more followers from that as well! *Hi there!* Thank you Fyrinnae! MUAH!

So now here are 4 more swatches!

First up is Flavor of the Day (ooooh I so badly want to throw a "u" in there)

Looks a tad different here (Almost mistook it for Meloncholy :s )

And here is Meloncholy

And here is Visual Kei

And last but not least Amplifier (especially since I have 4 more to go! soooooon my pretties)

Once I do the last 4 I have I will have to place another order to snag the rest of the lustres (oh darn, more shopping pour moi? NO WAY! That's rediculous!) I think I'm half way there though! (Note to Fyrinnae, please don't make any more neato lip colours until I finish my quest :D Unless it's a wicked sweet version of Elemental Fire or Polar Bear in lip lustre form! Oh golds, you make my heart warm.

Weirdness done for the day!



  1. Pretty! I love Flavor of the Day XD

  2. Thanks for the swatches! The first time I realized they knew who I was, I couldn't believe it! It's so cute lol

  3. :) Thank you and you're welcome!
    I'm just glad nobody saw me grinning like a turd :D

  4. FlavoUr of the Day is my favourite here :) and I want Visual Kei

  5. The last two are fab. Especially Visual Kei. Too awesome. :)

  6. These look so pretty and I've heard the texture is really nice, too. Need to get me some!

  7. These are all pretty and they all look very nice on you too!

  8. Thanks! I don't know if I like Visual Kei on me yet. It may be my weird in-between-hairdye colour not being very matchy.

    Hi Simone, these are awesome! I love that they aren't sticky. I hate when your hair flips in your face and gets glued there by sticky gloss. Not the case here :)

    Thank you Blix! :)

  9. I tried Type A and Acidic Cherry and found both to be too metallic for my preference. (Meanwhile, I found Deceptive Innocence to be too matte.) I can't quite tell from your super-duper awesome lip swatches, but are any of the Fyrinnae Lip Lustres NOT metallic? Thanks for your help!

  10. Hi Justine!
    I know for sure that Fanservice isn't metallic but out of all the other ones I've managed to snag, I'm pretty sure they're all metallic-y.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I'm a dolt and found out that the Fyrinnae men already addressed the Lip Lustres' various levels of sparkle in their blog: http://fyrinnae.blogspot.com/2009/08/lustres.html

  12. Thanks for finding that post! I didn't know it was there either :) Atleast I knew I was right about Fanservice! lol