Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Nails Match My Pop

Late breaking news! My nails match my pop!

I decided to break out my Konad kit. It's kinda sad I've had this thing for going on 6 years and I think I've taken it out maybe 20 times. One of the biggest pains in the ass with it is the amount of time it takes to do both your hands.

It's not completely Konad's fault, it's the nail polish drying time. Which I got around!!

The best quick drying nail polish I've found so far is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. It comes in many shades (including a black and a white!) and it really does dry insanely fast. So even if you screw up your first coat you just have to wait maybe 1 minute at the most and slap another coat on.

Stay away from the dark green shade they have unless you actually want John Deere nails.

As for my favourite polish to use with my kit? It's an odd one, most people hated it but it's WIN FOR ME! Sally Hansen Chrome.
I'm not even sure how long these came out. I think I was 15 or 16 so 8 or 9 yrs ago? I could google, but alas, I be lazy. Now why these if most people thought they were total crap and so did not do what they were supposed to?
Well I shall tell you!

On bare nails or pale polish, these babies DON'T BLEED when you stick a clear coat over top unlike that shit they include in the Konad kit. Maybe Konad changed their formula in the past years but after having 7 super crap, never drying, always bleeding, pink never showing up, shades, I will not give them another chance. Eff you Konad, I will still buy your plates in excess...

BUT! A top coat on dark nails WITH the chrome will still bleed, not the chrome's fault, it's the dark colour not co-operating and that's where the streaking will come from.

I still see these on ebay (although right now some ass-hat is charging $30 SHIPPING for 1 so you do really have to double check buy now price and shipping.) So if you have the kit try to grab a bottle of one of these. Pure chrome or white gold chrome look good on dark shades and go with more colours.

And now, what my boredom has created!>>>

I sowy if the pictures aren't that clear. I'm really crap at trying to take a shot of my fingers. And I swear I really am 24, the warehouse totally aged my hands lol. Neeeeds the lotions.


  1. *___* the chrome polish looks awesome! Coincidentally I think Petrilude uses that one for Konad-ing too

  2. That's awesome! I love your nails...but I don't wear nail polish at all. And probably never will again. I work with my hands a lot and nail polish comes off in no time.

  3. Heya Silhouette! Dang, I thought I created an inside secret lol.

    Thanks Blix! I know if I paint mine it's pretty much useless unless I do them on a Friday so they have the weekend to look purdy. My hands are insanely dry and going in and out of boxes all day so polish never lasts even with coats and coats of clear :( I still buy them though :D Bought my first Orly polish yesterday!