Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sparkly Neutral

I forgot I grabbed a whole bunch of Aromaleigh Hot in The City shadows!

When I played with them earlier I liked the sparkly bits in most of them and decided on a more neutral look yesterday. Still can't get passed the "no bright colour" part though :(

I used
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (too much sadly, looked crunchtastic)
Window shopping on lid
Concrete Jungle in crease
Orion for the highlight, the blue sparkles in it went really well with the blue sparkles in Concrete Jungle!
Skyscraper lined the bottom
Asphalt was sealed on top lashline. I buggered it up and used too much sealant and I'm pretty sure this is the only shadow that actually seemed to get LIGHTER wet! Dammit. I wanted darker.

Oh well.

I should have shoved a brighty in there somewhere :)

And today's look sucked but lookie what Urban Decay's Heat Deluxe shadow looks like as a blush!


  1. Very pretty! I love Concrete Jungle...so much sparkle XD

  2. Concrete Jungle is a neutral that I find beautiful. I REALLY love Orion though!

  3. Thank you Janet :) It's still growing on me lol

    And thanks you Lisa Kate and Phyrra! Concrete Jungle is freakin amazing, I think I may try it as a lid colour instead of crease for a super fantastic blue sparkly smokie eye. Wheeoooo that be long!

    And Orion is sooo awesome, colour-wise and name-wise. Can't go wrong when you include SPACE! :D

  4. This is suuuch a pretty neutral look! I want to see more, even if theyre agony for you ;]

    Ugh crunchiness ruins my life, I cant foil or use a coordinated colour base under any of my shadows that are remotely gold, or it looks crunchy D:

  5. I'm like a neutrals ho, so I totally DIG your look! I know you wish you had given the look a bit more colour, but I think it's great as it is, really! I love the neutral eye and bright liner combi, it really looks so good on you :)

  6. Okie dokie, more neutrals it is! :D I'm sure those colours were starting to feel unloved anyways lol