Monday, January 11, 2010

Metallic HelterSkelter

This didn't go as planned. I did so many mistakes but had no time to fix them so this is the finished result. Note to self, don't do funky creases on work days!

I meant to do a wicked cut-crease but did the crease all wrong. I should have gone down farther for my inner eye and brought it out but I brought it too high to start and then down. Not sure if you understand (I'm not good at wording at all, can ya tell?!? lol) but it's not right. Then the red was uneven, one side had more and looked more neat. Then to top it all off, the red turned pink on me! It looks like a super dark pink :( Oh well. Maybe someone will get inspired to learn from my mistakes :D You get better with practice!

I used:
Aromaleigh Elemental Lustre in Entangle for the lid
Aromaleigh Rocks! HelterSkelter for crease
Stardust Cosmetics Cashmere Mittens (I promise tomorrow I won't use this one! It's just so damn handy though!)
Body shop black sparkle liquid eyeliner
Rimmel Glam Eyes black mascara

Blush: Avon Mark Afterglo

Lips: Avon Glazewear Golden Glow (I completely forgot I was wearing it, I put it on just to remind me what it looked like :D )

That be all :D


  1. Reds always turn pink on me. It looks awesome either way. I Like the way you applied it, the color choices and placement.

  2. Looks great! I love it!

    I still can't cut the crease very well. Fail. :(

  3. I keep getting uneven application, too. It drives me crazy.

    Your makeup looks gorgeous!! The red may have turned deep pink, but it looks wonderful.

  4. LOVES IT! (I'm starting that again I think...We were watching Simple Life the other day!)

    It looks pink, but I still like it. I really like the reds from Hi Fi...Feliz Navidad especially but its going away and is on clearance now!

  5. Thank you ladies :D It was a pain to wash off lol.
    I could always use another red, but I know I'll get tempted to buy much more than planned. I got my Aromaleigh Hifi Mattes to keep me distracted for a bit.
    Yay mail day! :)

  6. The look is great even if you don't feel it turned out the way you planned. Practice helps a lot! Keep it up. :-)

  7. Helter Skelter looks so gorgeous on you! I would never dream of wearing that color!

  8. This is so freaking pretty! I'm going to get a HelterSkelter sample on my next Aromaleigh order cus of this.

  9. Blix: Thank you :) I'll keep goin til I get it right!
    Starlight: Thank you! I was a bit nervous with the red but I think it turned out kinda good :D
    Heather: Thanks! I love being an enabler!!! lol