Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aromaleigh is Closing

What an odd way to wake up. Part of me feels like I'm still dreaming but Aromaleigh is closing after 12 years of making beautiful sparklies :(

I have so many AL shadows I can't even pick a favourite.

Now is the time to place your last order I guess.

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I just think it's amazing that even with the announcement made, the bitchfest on a certain forum STILL finds faults. Hey ladies, you can get a life now. Your obsession will be over in a bit. I just feel bad for the next company you get hellbent on destroying.

Good luck to Kristen. Your health comes first. I understand why you made this decision, and you do what you need to do.

I'll still post my AL EOTDs. I'll keep wearing them for as long as they last, although now, I'm definitely going to treat them like glass vases :(

This is what my Aromaleigh looked like last September

It's exploded quite a bit since then. And then some! I could buy a Burberry coat with the amount of monies I spent there and would totally continue doing so.

Once again, good luck to Kristen and her little boy. I had a blast and it's your turn to find your "happy" again.

<3 Mindy


  1. Um, wow... I don't know what to say to this. It's pretty sad and a bit of a shock. I mean, there's a lot of other fantastic indie, MMU companies out there, but AL's like... the oldest and most well-known.

  2. I hope she'll be back one day. I think she is under way too much stress and I hope eventually she'll feel up to creating makeup again, with a refreshed outlook on life and a new attitude. The people at R4TU never would have started if it wasn't for her attitude problem, but they are obsessive and couldn't stop taking it too far and no one deserves to be trashed like that.

  3. ...Can someone fill me in?! What happened that shes closing the company? I wasn't aware of any drama at all!

  4. I'm still stunned. Miss K gave me something special, self-confidence. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

  5. This is terrible news to me. When I saw it on Twitter, I gasped. I can't believe one silly forum full of rants can have such a large effect. It seems to me it's like giving your attention to a mosquito.

    We're all human and this isn't right- especially for one person to bear the brunt of pointless criticism. I love Aromaleigh's products. Sigh.

  6. What a way to wake up, indeed!
    @ Jade... I totally agree...
    @ Heather... I really hope she does come back eventually, like you say, with a refreshed outlook and etc. I really love the products and if she ever does decide to create makeups again, we'll all be here... still fiending for sparklies!

  7. Robyn: there were several factors, and some people have gotten a different impression from others. A quick breakdown would be:

    A) Miss K has been suffering from a lot of AL-related stress, hence her discontinuation of the lippies and foundation. These stresses are mostly agreed to be the CS dramas that kept popping up, the Jenna thing, the MMM thing, the Rocks! reformulation and the rant4theugly forums.

    B) She had some pretty awful family stuff going on such as her father's death and her divorce from her husband.

    Honestly, I think that it's just personal life stuff that's moved Miss K to make this decision, I don't think people should be 'blaming' the rant4theugly girls, especially after the Jennifae incident. But that is just my opinion.

    As I said before, I am really sad AL is closing, but I do hope that Miss K will be able to use the time well, get her life back on track and take care of her boy through what must be a difficult time for both of them.

  8. @Jade... thanks for the fill in. Its a shame. I'm an AL virgin (better change that quick) but I know how respected the company was in the blogosphere. I hope it comes back :(

  9. It's such a shame, i was amazed when i heard the news.