Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A giveaway I saw, MAC!!!

Howdy howdy,

Head on over to The Makeupaholic to check out the lovely giveaway Neerja is doing right now. There will be 3 winners.
Products to be won are mostly discontinued or LE MAC items. (fingers crossed to win Haunting!!!!)

Pic yoinked from her post

Good luck!


  1. Maybe I'm, I dunno, an anti-snob when it comes to make-up... I don't own anything MAC and none of their products interest me. I get faaaar more excited about Fyrinnae, or Sassy Minerals.

    *Shrug* well I hope you get Haunting, anyway! I've only entered a few giveaways in my short time on the blogosphere, and haven't won any yet.

  2. Yeah, I prefer indie as well... but I really hope you win!!! Maybe I could enter another for you? hahaha. ^_-

  3. I'm not really into MAC. Plus I never enter contests. I like sitting back and cheering others on to win. I have enough crap as it is!

  4. Agreed! But I realllly want Haunting lol