Saturday, June 5, 2010

Teh SKY!

There was odd weather happening lately, funnel clouds were seen in the city but they didn't touch down. What was really cool, was the tornado shaped cloud that decided to float on by me :D

It looks like a monster dog eating a tornado!

I think I showed these 2 already but can't remember

That's all my posting for the day! :D


  1. Whoa! I wish we had something interesting in our sky. :)

  2. Mabbeh the cloud was ufraid of the goggie...

  3. Wow! Awesome pictures. Hee hee it does look like a creepy dog and a tornado.

  4. Thanks ladies! I've been living in this place for 2 years and it never occurred to me to try to take cloud shots. I've wasted this view! oopsies.
    Teh cloud was major ufraid of teh GOGGIE! Poor poor thang.

    I'm probably never going to get a cool shot like these again so I'm kinda kicking myself in the ass when I saw it start to float by, I sat there going, should I or shouldn't I. I emailed something first and though YES I SHOULD DUMMY! My dude probably got very annoyed with me constantly opening the creaky ass screen door :D