Monday, June 28, 2010

Suds N Sass - A Day at the Beach

Why hello there!

Elizabeth from Suds N Sass kindly sent me over some samples from her new makeup collection to review.

I've heard good reviews about her perfumes and bath products, so I was very happy to hear there was makeup as well! (Who doesn't love makeup!?!?!)

The collection is called "A Day at the Beach" and consists of:

15 eyeshadow
2 blushes
2 highlighters
2 bronzers

I swatched the shadows on Too Faced Shadow Insurance. As usual, click on pics to blow up to maximum awesome.

Here's the first group. No flash

Row 1:
Banana Taffy, Summertime, Sandcastle, Beach Sand, Piercing Parlor
Row 2:
Seagrass, Flip Flops, Tattoo Shop, Tidal Wave, Surfs Up, Poolside

Here's them with flash:

I loved Poolside! It reminded me of the discontinued avon e/s I wore in this post except the Suds N Sass version was definitely more pigmented.
Banana Taffy is awesome because it's yellow! Yellow is my weakness.
Beach Sand is a very pretty browbone shade, it has tiny pink sparkles.
Flip Flops surprised me, I didn't expect sparkles! Of course sparkles!

Flip Flops/Tattoo Parlor

Clockwise from top left:
Boardwalk, Beach Babe, Sunburn, Polka Dot Bikini

Sunburn is darker than it looks in photo. Boardwalk is very pretty, it's hard to see in picture but it has pink sparkles! Beach Babe is a pretty golden shade.

Up next, Blush and Highlighter! For some reason it was hard for me to get a clear picture, so this will have to do :s

Cotton Candy, Raspberry Snow Cone, Pink Horizons, Golden Rays

I re-swatched the highlighters because I realized my arm was dry and I'd use them on a moisturized face so I wanted a more accurate swatching. I swatched them with the Bronzers.

Pink Horizons, Golden Rays
Suntan, Bronze Goddess

Another thing that's super cool with these samples is they are completely labeled with everything you'd want to know:

Shade name
What it is
Eyesafe or not
Vegan or not
Company name

So hop on over and check these shades out for yourself :)

Elizabeth was kind enough to provide me with a coupon code for you guys to save 15% on orders over $10, until July 31st: hovercatmittens
Go nuts!


  1. Poolside looks awesome. I would love to line the entire eye with it! Great swatches, thanks!

  2. Preeeety... Thanks for the swatchiness! I also LOOOOOVE yellow. YAY! Have you tried the awesomeness that is Shiru Pikachu. So yummy!!!

  3. I've never tried this brand but the swatches look shweet!

  4. The name of this company confuses me. Why are they making eyeshadows when they're called SUDS and Sass?! xD

  5. Oooh i LOVE Tattoo Parlour and the blushes! I've wanted to try some of their bath products before but not been interested in the cosmetics, but i can get behind this collection!

  6. Haha I agree with Jade, I was so confused when I initially found out that they made cosmetics. I do like the look of Sunburn and Beach Babe though

  7. @Jade Carver:
    We have bath & body products (soap, moisturizers, scrubs, bubble bars, bath bombs etc) as well as cosmetics (jelly balms, eye shadows, bronzers etc)!