Sunday, June 20, 2010

Joe Fresh/ Style Frais

Canadian Makeup! Joe Fresh (or Style Frais in the frenchy part of Canadaland) is sold in Superstores/Extra Foods and a whole schwack of Loblaws-owned stores across Canada.
The prices are very reasonable.
Blush 7g just $6 each
Shadows 3.3g $4
Felt liner pens 1ml $6 (completely beats out other felt eyeliner pens by at least $3-$4. I've been searching for awhile!) however 1ml seems tiny! Now I'm worried I may have used it all on my hand swatching it. :s

They also have nail polishes ($4 or any 3 for $10!), foundations, brushes, nail tools, bronzers, regular liners, cheek sticks, lip gloss, lipstick, brow powder, shadow trios, mascara you name it.

I went on a mini spree today and picked up a couple of blushes, a shadow and a felt eyeliner.

One of the blushes I've had for a few weeks now was very pigmented so I thought I'd give others a go.

The shades I have are:

Bloom (Limited for Spring)

I've worn Bloom a few times now. I'm not too sure about it still. It's very pigmented but they shade is kind of wrong for me. I look burnt with it, which is odd because I'm not exactly a full white chick! On pale ladies this shade could go horribly wrong!

Here are the swatches


Bloom is the matte one of the bunch, Pink is quite frosty, we'll have to see how this wears, and Rose looks just right, not too matte, not to frosty.
For $6, can't go wrong

The shadow so far seems quite pigmented too. I was a little shocked at the list of ingredients then I thought, well durrr everything here is English then French listings but looking again only 3 words needed translating so it really is this long!

I'm not used to that, mostly using mineral shadows. Talc is ingredient number 2 but I think it still worked pretty good.

Glo is a bit like a dark dandelion shade but a tad orange-y. The circle is patted over TFSI & the line is swiped over TFSI.

The rest of their shades so far kind of bore me but I'm happy with this one.

The felt liner I was super happy so see they had 1 black left in stock at my location that wasn't pried open.

I'm not too sure how I feel about this one yet. If you blow up my hand swatch you can see some "bleeding" into the lines. And it's not as black as I would like. With the skin slightly showing through it looks more dark brown with 1 swipe.

I haven't tried any other felt liners yet so I'm not sure how it compares to others.

It will be used in a look soon and we'll see how it wears as well.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with the colour payoff for the price! Any new blush shades or shadows that catch my eye will definitely get scooped up. I may skip the liner though. I could just be crap with liquid liner!

That's it for my swatch-a-thon today :D


  1. Oh wooowww i LOVE the look of the blushes. Bloom especially, it's so neon!

  2. amei as makes, o delineador parece de ótimo!!!
    eu adorei seu blog!!! muito lindo!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. It's crazy bright! Reminds me of a (very slightly) toned down Candy-O from AL

  4. I like some of the shadows from Joe but not sure if I like the blushes. still on the fence!

    Michelle (

  5. You should try em! Even if ya just snag one you think you might like, super inexpensive, little goes a long way :)