Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Fairy Stuff!

K, so I'm still not getting the hang of naming looks so I just picked words that reminded me of today's look.
Princess-y, Fairy schtuff!

I used that wicked ass "Fairy Dust" shadow I mixed up in this post.

Well I used all baggies that were emptied but had enough for me to scrounge off the sides. With this weird frikkin cold/whatevs I didn't want to use any of my good shadows (those NYX ones from yesterday don't count, they were like $1.50 and I had to dump some out to get to the shimmery awesome anyways :D

Back to topic!

I used:
Aromaleigh Kookie all over lid
Fairy Dust mix in crease and brought a bit under lash line (outter corner?)
Aromaleigh Wizard Gold browbrone
Joe Fresh Felt liner cuz it's rad.
Maybelline Falsies mascara just cuz it's there but still the devil :)

Lot's o pics because I don't know which looks more good and such and stuff.

This next one is how the post would have looked a few months ago before I discovered the all mighty "zoom" button! Still looks okay, not as sharp.

I don't like the next angle but my gold look got more hits on Flickr for the same maybe others prefer it? I dunno Joe.

Well it's 2am, the dude's still not home.

You may see a
"Late breaking news!
Disgruntled girlfriend pelts boyfriend with frozen brussel sprouts and takes out his eyes!"

That's about all those green things are good for anyways.


  1. Gah! All those colours look amazing together!
    I love that creamy gold. x

  2. Agree with you on the brussel sprouts. Totally.

  3. Very pretty! I love the matte mixed with shimmer :)

  4. Om nom nom I LOVE the gold shimmer, and well, I dont think I've ever met a matte I didn't like :D it reminds me of fairy floss (what we call cotton candy here!)

  5. This is sooo pretty :) I love how you did a matte lid with a shimmer crease... must try this.

  6. Dude..I freaking heart this so much!

  7. What a pretty look! *-*
    Matte + shimmer! \o/
    Ohhh! I also love mixing my own colors using samples... *-*
    Sometimes I go a bit crazy.... but I love it anyway!

  8. Looks like bubble gum and candy!

  9. wow the pink blends so well! your eyes look so great! I followed you already. Please follow me too. Take care. :) Thanks.

  10. Frik a doodle doo, I thought I caught up lol. Thanks ladies :) I really like this one. Matte pink is the SHIZNIT!

  11. And brussel sprouts are still the devil.