Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saturday Night boredom - Smokey eyes! MSCHIC

*forgot to put video link in case peeps wanted to view, will add that now.

I forgot to show to eyes I did on Saturday!

Smokey eyes! I'm still trying to figure it out. I had this genius idea to do a giveaway contest based of people's best rock star/popstar/smokey eye look in celebration of me almost hitting 100 followers and in celebration of my almost cousin's new music video! (My actual cousin is in it as well! And the same cousin that wants me to do her makeup for the wedding, smokey eyes!) Warning, if scantily clad "officer" ladies are your enemy, you may not want to view :) But the song is awesome!

BUT I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and I have to order stuff online, and shipping to Canada takes 2.5 weeks, so I may have to just sit on my idea and also be on the lookout for stuff on vacay.

So no contest yet, but still, think about it! Falsies! Glitter! Wicked cat eyes! ROCK STAR!!! :D

Yup, I'm a weird one.

All I know is the prize will definitely have a bar of Lush Rockstar soap as one of the items. I'll go out this weekend and have a look around and may have to order stuff right before I leave so it's on it's way when I come home again.

But I got completely off topic there!

Here were the eyes I did (and I so did just one eye each, at the same time, it looked mega weird.)

Eye 1!
I used:
Aromaleigh Satin laces, inner half
Aromaleigh Aurelie outer half
MAC HK quad Lucky Tom in crease
MAC Tempting quad Next To Nothing browbone
MSCHIC eyestain liner Astral Shine upper liner
MAC Pearlglide intense Black Line lower lash smudged with Astral Shine
MSCHIC X-Rated mascara black
(just realized I'm a turd and forgot to tell Jangsara I received my package! Just realized again I forgot to tell you guys I won her contest to receive said package! I'm such a loser)

And here was number 2. I liked this one better but it's still too shimmery for the wedding photographer I think. I'll have to ask her.

NYX trio was used
Inner lid: White Pearl
Outter lid Silver
Crease: Charcoal
browbone: same as look 1
Liner: Astral Shine
Lower liner: Charcoal with a bit of Astral Shine on top to smudge
MSCHIC mascara

And together now!

And before I forget, this was the package I received from Jangsara:

Wrapped all purdy!

What's inside it!

And what's inside that!

And a closeup of the liner:

It's a dark shimmery grey to me. So far I really like it, the lid was a bit unscrewed when it arrived but it wasn't dried out at all. My first pot liner! I bought an angled liner brush just for the occasion :D

The mascara I'm still getting used to. The brush is massive! It's one of the old-school brushes. I prefer the gimmicky comb brush but I think that's only because I've been using them since the greatest mascara of all was invented and then discontinued (I'm looking at you Maybelline Lash Stylist!!!) This baby was free so I'm not complaining :)

You can get the schtuff here and they now have INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! (Extra awesome for moi!)


  1. nice eyess.. i wanna try that products too hehe :)

  2. Really gorgeous! I like both eyes :>

  3. Thank you ipehishere and T and Phyrra!
    My mom dared me to go out with both done, too bad it was so late. Oh darn... :D

  4. Hngggg I love the bronzey smokey eye SO MUCH but the silvery one makes your eyes seem so much more open (I know that sounds weird) and light and bright :D

    Yay for giveaway goodies <3 I got my little surprise prize package from her the other day

  5. Oh and KDKSJFLKJSDLKFJSDFK I am going to be ALL OVER your contest. Seriously, I hope you're prepared for a ludicrous amount of entries on my behalf

  6. It does make it look more open! I think that's why I preferred that one, I wish my eyeballs WERE bigger.
    And I hope you do!!!!!

  7. The silver eye is the one which caught my attention - very flattering!