Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mojo is a no-jo?

Do you guys ever have a
"wtf there is like every colour of the rainbow in this damn box but I still have nothing to wear!"
type of week/month?

My lack of time in the mornings have turned me BORING!


Here's my look from Monday. I loved it but I already did something similar not too long ago.

The mojo is lost :(

I used:

TSFI (btw just realized everytime I typed UDPP, I was wrong! That dried up on me long ago! 'Twas always TSFI, but I guess my fingers thought UDPP was easier to type :)

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese spread all over main lid part for extra stick
Aromaleigh Pettitcoat matte yellow on top of the jumbo eye pencil
Aromaleigh Brownstone in the crease
Hilight I failed again, I can't recall.
Upper liner, ebil Body Shop glitter liner. I was washing this crap off my face the next night, it does NOT want to get off. Seriously TheBodyShop, that glitter CAN NOT be eyesafe. That shit HURTS! Link is there to show you what NOT to buy. I had to Q-tip it off my eyeballs again to stop the scratchyness.
Lower liner is MAC Black Liner Pearglide Intense liner smudged to look all dark and cool and stuff.

I better get back to my couch now, the dude wants to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Awkwardy awkwardness that show is.


  1. Ooh, pretty! Aaand not boring. I haven't even been wearing liner or eyeshadow most days... just a little mascara.

  2. I've had this problem so much lately :| I'm not usually one of those OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR girls (since I wear the same sorts of outfits day in day out) but I've just started doing that with makeup D:

    This is so pretty! Even with that evil Body Shop glitter liner ;D and my UDPP is drying up :(

  3. Ouch! I hate it when glitter hurts >.<

  4. With you there. It seems the more variety you have in stuff, whether it be clothing, make-up, jewellry or even BOOKS, you can't decide what to do! I got a pile of books out from the library two days ago. Normally I would have finished at least 3 of them by now, but I absolutely cannot decide what to start with. It's ridoinkulous.

  5. It looks pretty though. I love petticoat too :)

    I hate to admit this, but when I get in a funk. I put my binder on the floor and tell the dog "show me". She flips through, sniffs and paws at a color. I create a look based on that color. Smart dogs make life interesting.

    My friend has another neat blah breaker. I little color wheel with a spinner like Candyland. She spins and picks the colors from that.

    So silly we are, I know. ;)

    ~ Hoyden

  6. Simple and pretty, I like it! I'm never that way with makeup, but I DEFINITELY am with clothes. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the most awkward show in the world...

  7. Sometimes it helps to do a friends makeup and have her/him do yours, if you're in a funk. However, I don't think you're looks are ever boring!

  8. Thanks Bebo :) That's about what I did yesterday, I had a "oh screw it" day :D

    Hiya Silhouette! Thank you :) It's such a pain eh?
    I'm on the search for a good, cheap, flexible brush liquid liner. So far they're like $10. yikes!

    Hey Phyrra! I don't get why it hurts so much, the pieces are the same size as my AL glitters but those ones I don't even feel if they get in my eye :(

    Hi Jade! Exactly! I took out 5 books and didn't know where to start!

    Thanks Hoyden! I wish I could have a puppy to help me out!

    Hiya Heather! Thank you!
    I just finished the latest season on dvd. Jerry Seinfeld's face in reaction to lines is hilarious! :D

    Hiya T, Thank you :) I don't have many friends in this city :( And something tells me my man won't let me put glitter on him :D

  9. We all get into makeup ruts. When I'm in one, I search the internet for pictures of nature to inspire me. :-) It usually works.

  10. I should do that! I'd have to do it before bedtime though, stupid limited time mornings. I refuse to get up before 6:22 (my brain just wakes me up 8 minutes before my alarm...)
    It worked nicely today though, swatches on Fashioned In Finland reminded me I had a crapload of shadows I never use so I gave them a go :D