Friday, June 25, 2010

Meow Lost Rainforest is BACK!

I missed out on most of these last year, I was still a mineral makeup newbie, but Meow Cosmetics' Lost Rainforest is back with some new shades for 2010.

I will definitely be picking up the Chameleon Glow powder I keep hearing about :)


  1. Chameleon and Morpho are AWESOME! I have them and love them. I also love Canna and Heliconia.

  2. You might also want to look at the blushes. I fell hard in love with Canna blush when I got it last year, and this year I'm trying Anana and well as some of the new eyeshadows. I just placed a biggish sample order with them that went across their whole range - that way, if they do have a sale either July 4th or over Labor Day (first weekend in September) I'll know what colors I want to buy in fullsize :D

  3. If their international shipping weren't so HEINOUSLY expensive, I would be all over this.

  4. aaaah! their shipping is so expansiveee!
    I want to try samples, 'cause... it's the rainforest and... well... I'm brazilian and all... I feel like I should feel proud or something o.õ'

    And anana blush sounds so lovely!

  5. Gah! After going through everything I still want from them I'm gonna need a lot of mooooola :S
    And I see what you mean about the shipping. Sometimes they give out a code for free shipping (I think there was one last weekend but I missed it) Also I think they will have A 4th of July sale, so that kinda makes up for it :)
    Also I know stuff just costs a bunch to send elsewhere, I sent a sample of a primer to Europe and it weighed next to nothing but still cost almost $8 :s