Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chaotic Lunatic


whooooop, I was bad this morning and bought some makeup...

This morning I saw that on Aromaleigh, Skeleton Key was all sold out so my "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE STUFF" switch turned on in my head and before I even started to get ready this morning, I'll now be expecting 9 little jars of pretty in the mail 2.5 weeks from now!! yay!!!

Not all were from Victoria's Revenge, I also took advantage of the 50% sale happening today only

I wanted to pick up more of them but I just bought some glasses over the weekend (1st pair and HOLY CRAP are they now cheap :(
So I'm a bit on the poor side.

I decided my top 4 must be owned were:
Infernal Chaos
Airy Ethos (can't pass up a yellow, EVERR!)
Mourning's Whimy (I am convinced this is the most magical purple ever now)
Frigid Gloom.

50% sale I grabbed a Dulcinea, Sylph, Diamanda and Lorelei.

And if I ever find spare pennies in time I also would like still:
Ruthless Indulgence
Private Lunacy
Oleander Vapour
Perpetual Motion
and of course, Skeleton Key!!!!

Today's look was done using a shade I'm expecting, and a shade I'm kicking myself in the ass, for not snagging :(

I used:

Lid main: Infernal Chaos
Crease: Private Lunacy (crapcrapcrapshouldaboughtittoo)
Browbone: Sylph
Joe Fresh felt liner
Lower liner: MAC Undercurrent smudged
Falsies Mascara

Please please pretty please ignore the crappy liner job. I had 3 minutes to still curl lashes, do mascara, put on work clothes and make a lunch. With a neutral shade as a main, I felt it NEEDED liner so I was really rushed and botched it anyways :D

Different lighting


For a neutral look I really love it! I wish I had time to snag a few more pictures to try to make the sparkle show better.

If there are any Victoria's Revenge colours you have been sitting on, get them now while you can. I missed out on Skeleton Key already but who knows what the next long lost shade will be....


  1. It's a cool neutral look. I'm so sorry you missed out on Skeleton Key!

  2. Thank you :) At least I didn't miss out completely, I ordered 4 sample baggies to try to make up for it hehehe

  3. I like it! I stayed out of getting full sizes for money issues boo hoo :( Skeleton key should definitely be a come-back permanent color though. I'd snag it in an instant....

  4. Whoa, this makes your eyes look super brown :D I don't think I've gone through the whole 'omg must buy a full size of this LE product' yet :O

  5. perfect everyday make-up, you inspire me for the tommorow's exam look :)

  6. Hi MissTat! I hope she keeps some colours around like the other collections, Some of them would make intense liners!

    Thanks Silhouette! You hasn't yet?!? I wish I didn't, I'd probably save a lot of money that way lol

    Thanks Shinodka! Good luck on the exam!!!