Saturday, June 5, 2010

EOTD's part 1!

Oui oui, part un! I have 9 lined up but I'll split them up so compys won't die of pic overload.
I've been slacking, the man is working and not working on stupid days of the week (aka not my hours Monday-Friday) so I've been saddened, lame and lazy and haven't cropped much. I've been taking more cloud pics cuz I'm weird like that.
Anyways, on to the MAKEUPS!

I'm trying my hardest to remember what was what. I think there are just to shadows I'm unsure of, for what I used the last week and a bit.

Here we go!

Here's one I was unsure of what the main lid shade was. All I remember is it wasn't mineral :S

I used:
Crease: MAC Bitter
Browbone hilight: MAC Naked
Liner: Dark brown from the Jane Greens quad.


And I tried to copy a pretty look I saw in Cosmo magazine. I'm not sure if I liked it. Of course it would never look as good as it did on the airbrushed model but it's always saddening when that happens.
(ah crapo, the time it took me to type that I burned my popcorn)

Here's the Cosmo pic:

And my little go:

Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions and We're All Mad Here were the pretties I used:

Those are 2 of my favourite shadows but something is missing! Crease! Or something...

Next up, Avon Mark schtuffs. Living Doll is still my favourite pink shadow ever. It's very similar to MAC's Cool Pink, but sadly, BOTH are discontinued, so I don't wear this one as much as I'd like to.
This look sucked, I didn't have time to line or darken the crease. It's sort of fairy like in the colour choice at least :D

Inner half: Living Doll
Outer half: Heavenly
Browbone: Silk Naturals Whisper

ON TO PART 2! After my popcorn munchage. Burnt popcorn is mucho solid than normal popcorn. Or this bag has gone bad...


  1. Ok I LOVE how you did the first 2 looks and I especially love your liner in the 2nd look. Awesome!

  2. I LOVE the green liner :D

    I burnt popcorn really bad in my microwave when I was like 13 (I made big black patches in the microwave and it kinda broke haha) and I've been too traumatised and scared to do it since XD

  3. holy crap! My bro burnt a bun in the microwave once but luckily there were no scorch marks, just the plate it was on. The thing was a solid friggin black turd afterwards, he was just trying to defrost it. For like 10 minutes....

  4. LOVE the 2nd look. The liner is sweeeeet!

  5. Thanks lady! You woulda done it better tho :D