Saturday, June 5, 2010

EOTD's part 3! Green Yellow and Too Pricey to Care


Last year at work, for inventory I wore a redo of this look
to attempt to intimidate people so they wouldn't ask me any questions :D

It worked but this year I decided to go less goth,and I no longer have that awesome hair so I went with yellow.

The liner was used dry so it didn't wing out very nicely for me :(

I used:

Lid main: Aromaleigh Real Gone
Crease: AL Smokin'
Browbone: Silk Naturals Whisper (I think)
Liner: Meow Cosmetics Coffin

It looked different in real life though, the yellow seemed softer and the crease was more grey than purple.

Here was yesterday's look I did using 0 minerals. I have all these damn compacts and I never use them much because of the wonderful loose minerals I now have.

I think I heard Urban Decay crying in the corner and I was like, Okay little dudes, I'll use you tomorrow.

And I had a dream I covered my entire face in mac rubenesque. So golden pink was definitely on the mind!

Urban Decay's X was my fav golden pink. Then Fyrinnae came along and kicked it's $18 ass with Rapunzel Had Extensions. Thanks guys! :D

So here's a super overpriced look using no glorious loose pigments, just overpriced, over fallout-y, colour payoff fail-y Urban Decay.

Main: X
Crease: Eldorado
Browbone: Midnight Cowgirl
Liner: MAC Undercurrent pearlglide intense
Lower liner: Chronic matte UD

It didn't turn out horrible but it just didn't blow me away for the price of all the products used. UD is $21 each for us Canucks and the MAC liner was $17.50. Toss in the mascara and this becomes a >$100 look! WTF!

The next look was my fav out of all of them. My camera decided to be a douche though, the pics are a bit blurry.

Main: AL Estranged
Crease: AL Fairy (disc but avail in that link from earlier)
Browbone: Meow Full Moon

My next post is just more sky shots in case ya wanna ignore it :D


  1. As much as I like the first look, I am sadly not intimidated by it... :P Love the last one, shiny goldish creases are the best!

  2. lol I whoopsed, I meant to say I wanted something more calmed down from last year, even though I still didn't want peeps talking to me hahaha.
    Thank you :D

  3. I like all of the looks, especially the first one. HAHA about your Rubenesque dream!

  4. I love the third look, Elf is awesome!

  5. LOL I've never thought of wearing makeup to make people fuck off, then again people seem to be intimidated by me irl anyway =/

    Estranged looks EPIC on you in the 3rd look <3 I molested Rubenesque like 3 times at MAC yesterday and my friend was like 'you are such a toddler' :|

  6. The first look makes me think of a sunflower. :-) I love the softness of the 2nd look and the third is awesome because you used estranged! I just love it so much!
    Weird dream...I hardly ever dream about makeup. If I do, I'm looking for it or went somewhere and forgot to put it on and I looked horrible. Oh and the occasional dream of STEALING makeup. Jeez.

  7. :D Thanks ladies.
    teeheee rubenesque diddler you :)
    lol that you have stealing makeup dreams blix!